The training of our students to become compassionate physicians starts with skills instruction and patient encounters beginning in the first semester. For those that are unwilling to go out of their way to get involved in research, this can be a great selling point when you are applying to residency. Graduates are expected to demonstrate the ability to engage in an interprofessional team in a manner that optimizes safe, effective patient-and population-centered care. Embark consists of several components that support the required faculty-mentored medical student research project. Leave a Reply Cancel reply Your email address will not be published.

Additionally, Directed Independent Research rotations are possible to continue working on Embark or other research projects. Embark consists of several components that support the required faculty-mentored medical student research project. Devries brings a wide range of experiences and expertise to the Oakland University William Beaumont School of Medicine. Lets go back a few years. Graduates are expected to demonstrate the qualities required to sustain lifelong personal and professional growth.

Please use these guidelines in preparing your data for analysis. Graduates are expected to demonstrate knowledge of established and evolving biomedical, clinical, epidemiological and social-behavioral sciences, as well as the application of this knowledge to patient care.

Capstone Course (HS 4930)

Mi participates in and contributes to institution-wide efforts in the systematic design, development, and implementation of curriculum evaluation strategies, metrics, and associated policies and procedures for educational effectiveness.

How to Become a Mentor. Projdct have outlined a number of different options described here, designed to help you tailor your support to meet your philanthropic goals. According to Qafiti, after testing and validating its predictability on Beaumont patients, the rubric proved to have very significant predictive strength.

This will assist you in having a more productive meeting the first time and hopefully will prevent back and forth delays due to data not being projet for analysis.


Her primary responsibilities are to assist in the development of research-related curriculum for the Embark course and to provide oversight of capstone projects for students who are pursuing clinical research.

Her primary role is to assist the curriculum proejct team, course directors and faculty to ensure that the operational needs of the M1 courses are met.

ouwb capstone project

Once your IRB application is approved, you may proceed with Data Collection specifically as described in your approved protocol s. Please upgrade to a modern browser such as the ones listed below: I absolutely poject my experience.

We offer a wide variety of ways for our benefactors to show support and give to Oakland University William Beaumont School of Medicine.

The student presenters included: Students may pursue projects in the areas of: There are additional training and attestation forms that will need to be completed through her office prior to gaining access. Jones is the founder and president of the Emergency Medicine Interest Group for Oakland University William Beaumont School of Medicine and has been involved in student activities since the charter class was enrolled in The program of study includes an organ system-based preclinical curriculum integrated with longitudinal courses in the art and practice of medicine, medical humanities and clinical bioethics, the promotion and maintenance of health and personal and professional development.

ouwb capstone project

We had perks such as cwpstone food in the doctors dining lounge. Student Learning Outcomes Students will demonstrate the ability to: This course will improve your ability to read closely, write and think critically, communicate clearly, research effectively and work collaboratively.

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She pproject also responsible for authoring reports regarding the quality of the curriculum as it pertains to the ouqb and OUWB alumni. On March 15, the M4 students had the opportunity to share their research at the Embark Capstone Colloquium. Patient Care PC 1. Embark also encourages students to publish their findings, along with providing travel funds when appropriate for students to present their completed work at regional and national meetings under the guidance of their mentors.


This suggests that self-forgiveness is associated with a more relaxed physical state.

Additionally, she is responsible for clinical course and curriculum development. As our graduates embark on their careers, we anticipate each will have an exceptional impact on the patients and communities that they serve, and will act as multipliers to continue the growth of research developments and socially accountable activities within their future peer groups.

This flagship hospital itself has over 1, beds and has all the latest and greatest.

OUWB Capstone Colloquium – Class of

Neuro-science 2 3 weeks. We believe in rewarding our medical students for doing the right thing and doing it well. Please be aware that statistical consultation are needed by students across all years M1-M4 who are at various points in their research projects. Please submit an appointment request with Ms. Embark is a required scholarly concentration program that provides a mentored introduction to research and scholarship.

Lets go back a few years.

ouwb capstone project

Art and Practice of Medicine 4, 5. Though the data-collection process was more time-consuming than Eaton had anticipated, he is grateful for the Embark project, which spanned his entire OUWB education.