An open loop study. Sutradhar, Bidyut Bikash Evaluation of bond between bituminous pavement layers. Vyankatesh, Sakhare Rahul Catalytic pyrolysis of castor seed into liquid hydrocarbon transportation fuels. Behera, Gourahari and Sohala, Soumya Ranjan Effect of copper on the properties of austempered ductile iron castings. Bankoti, A K S Synergistic study on electrochemically deposited thin film with a spectrum from micro to nano range structures. Kaur, Kamaljeet Fuzzy logic based control of variable speed cage wind generation system.

Khetan , Rohit Stress analysis of thick walled cylinder. Mohapatra, Vivek Chandan and Sahu, Debashis Experimental studies on heat transfer augmentation using twisted aluminium taper clips and twisted tapes. Virendra, M Non-linear forced vibration study of axially functionally graded non-uniform beams by using Broyden method. Kumar, Mukesh Effort estimation for object-oriented system using artificial intelligence techniques. Mittal, Ranjan and Nanda, Sunit Property enhancement of spheroidal graphite cast iron by heat treatment. Biswal, Manoj Design of support system for bord and pillar workings.

Kumar, Krishan Development of porcine omentum fat derived extracellular matrix based scaffold and microbeads for soft tissue engineering.

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DasAmit Kumar Application of clustering techniques in defining level of service criteria of urban streets. JayadevS Study on enhancement of dominating sets in Ad Hoc wireless networks.

Mishra, Upasana Development of Cobalt-Magnesium doped hydroxyapatite for bone tissue engineering application.


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Bagh, Niraj Artificial intelligence based ECG signal classification of sendetary, smokers and athletes. Kumar, Sidheshwar and Singh, Bhagirathi Study on silicon carbide produced From rice husk as a reinforcing agent. Bhoi, Sanjukta Experimental and cfd simulation study of binary solid-liquid onllne bed.

Samantra, Chitrasen Decision-making in fuzzy environment. Behera, B Virtual instrument based maximum power point tracking of a solar panel. Bit, Vishwajeet Analysis of torsional vibration characteristics for multi-rotor and gear-branched systems using finite element method.

online thesis nit rourkela

BarmaS D Wettability of hair using natural surfactants in presence of silver nanoparticles as additive. Goswami, T A laboratory study on use of bitumen emulsion in gravel road.

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A, Satish Reddy Dynamic interval determination for pagelevel incremental checkpointing. Sahoo, Saroja Kanti Detection of winding deformation in power transformers. Devarapalli, Avinash Babu Static hand gesture segmentation for images with complex background; detection and tracking of dynamic hand gesture. L Economic oonline of X-bar control chart using simulated annealing. Mittal, Ranjan and Nanda, Sunit Property enhancement of spheroidal graphite cast iron by heat treatment.

Verma, Vivek Kumar Practical simulation and modelling of lightning impulse voltage generator using marx circuit. Singh, Ashish Vibration and buckling of composite twisted Panels subjected to hygrothermal loading.

Bagaria, Vishesh Processing and study of different properties of alumina product prepared by Slip Casting. Jason, Naveen Noah Self-assembly of colloidal sulfur particles on flat surfaces from evaporating sessile drops.


Garg, Sushil Development of a rhesis balanced robot and its controller. Verma, Eshan and G, Ashish Vibrational analysis of framed structures. International Journal Of Internet Science Patnaik, Satish Kumar Grid side converter control of dfig and mitigation of voltage sag.

Upper Mahanadi Catchment, India. Singh, S K Adsorption of dye by natural and modified wood dust. Jaiswal, R K Power system harmonics estimation using different signal processing techniques. Gupta, P Role of matrix stiffness roirkela adhesion, migration,proliferation and differentiation of HaCaT cells: NayakPravasish Effect of copper on the initial stage sintering of alumina. Nayak, Monalisha Design and simulation of a multiple-effect evaporator using vapor bleeding.

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Bansal, Ankush Performance based earthquake design. Mahapatra, Prateik Development of acid resistant bricks using waste materials. Singh, D Study on feasibility of coir dust as feedstock for entrained flow gasification system. Samantasinghar, Subhashree Geo-engineering properties of lime treated plastic soils.

Devi R, Vanitha Channel estimation and modeling of power line communication.