Understanding macroeconomics is not simply for the sake of public relations role of business people and better understanding of government policy. This module builds an understanding of the economic and political environment of business in the Asia-Pacific region. It aims to equip business students to: Before taking a module, students should complete any prerequisite module s listed for that particular module. This module develops the microeconomic principles and conceptual frameworks for evaluating and formulating business strategy.

We will evaluate the nature and types of social networks that are keys to success at different stages of career for managers, particularly in the corporate world. The main goal for the course is to give students a nuanced view of the structure of the VC industry with a special focus on the Singapore market. This course is targeted at all final-year business students. It provides a foundation for understanding the national and global economies, which is essential in management as well as other business disciplines. The student must enroll in the required essential modules in the specialization as shown:.

The information on the curriculum are correct as off May Advanced Risk Management The list of modules above is non-exhaustive and nuus to changes as new modules can be added every semester and some modules may not be offered anymore due to irrelevance or restriction of resources.

Students will also be encouraged to complete credit-bearing internship modules.

Honours Dissertation (BHD4001)

Tesis module introduces students to recent research in innovation and productivity, emphasizing econometric methods of data analysis. These include ways to encourage risk-taking and creativity, discover market opportunities, protect intellectual property, attract resources, nurture entrepreneurial leadership, and overcome resistance to change.

This course is tailored to introduce students to the science and art of building and using econometric models.


The main goal for the course is to give students a nuanced view of the structure of the VC industry with a special focus on the Singapore market. It aims to develop the capacity to appreciate the business environment and make decisions that advance the goals of the organization.

BBA – Strategy & Policy

HD is not compulsory for Honours students. Family firms are the dominant form of business organization of publicly traded firms everywhere around the world.

The topics addressed include the following: The scope of the Field Service Project is part of the initial negotiations between the students and the company. The theory serves to construct a rigorous framework of microeconomic principles and techniques, and the applications bring real aspects into the classroom through multiple cases and practical examples.

This course aims to equip students with the knowledge and tools required to start their own successful scalable business.

nus bba thesis

This module provides the tools and techniques ba macro- and international economic thinking as applied htesis business. Fresh to the BBA curriculum, these modules provide consistent pre-requisite knowledge preparation to facilitate more effective learning of core modules in class as a cohort once semester begins.

The module also covers social networks at the individual level. Students are required to complete Modular Credits MCs to graduate. This module aims to provide exposure to how microeconomic analytical tools can be applied to business practices.

Q. How do I find NUS honours year theses, academic exercises or final year projects?

A key challenge for Singapore and other developed economies is to sustain economic growth. It is a sequel to the module on Global Economy including more topics and in-depth analysis of international economic issues.

Global Immersion and Study: Before taking a module, students should complete any prerequisite module s listed for that particular module.


The module will especially help students nue plan to write honours theses on innovation and productivity. Honours Degree Classification Table 1: This module equips business students with a general understanding of IP as a subject matter, its significance as a tool for wealth creation for firms and the role which IP plays in innovation and technology diffusion today.

To appreciate and understand: For more information please visit: We intend to explore the major issues and challenges facing companies with worldwide operations as seen by the managers themselves. The ability to harness and protect IP is of paramount importance to firms in the competitive market place.

nus bba thesis

Honours Disertation replacement modules tesis be used towards the fulfillment of a specialization requirements. This course provides students the opportunity to develop deep skills and understanding of the strategy fhesis governance of family firms, and focuses in particular on strategic issues faced by family firms in Asia. The Entrepreneurial Boot Camp is a 5-day immersive module for students across faculties to explore the detailed tasks involved in launching an entrepreneurial venture.

Investment Analysis and Portfolio. Firstly, for students to understand the roots of success and failure in firms, as relating both to firm characteristics, and to their micro and thesiz environments.

No matter what role they may eventually undertake VC, limited partner, entrepreneurstudents will leave with an understanding of what drives the various players in an industry that is often characterized as opaque and mysterious.