Collection of Extracted Primary and Permanent teeth. Type of activity specify seminar journal club, presentation, UG teaching Particulars Table — 2 Academic presentation made by the trainees Admission year: Oral Histology – Development of dentition, Innervations of dentin and pulp Periodontium — development, histology, blood supply, nerve supply and lymphatic drainage Oral mucous membrane Pulp — Periodontal complex II. Nerve supply of face, neck and oral cavity. Oral Medicine, Therapeutics and Laboratory Investigations. Salivary glands — structure, function, clinical considerations.

Oral manifestations of systemic diseases. Ulcerative, vesicular and bullous lesions of oral mucosa. Multidisciplinary approach to Endodontic situations. Submission of Dissertation – 6 months before completion of III year. Work dairy and Log book: Restoration of endodontically treated teeth, recent advances.

Develop communication skills in maintaining rapport with patient and to obtain true informed consent from the patient. Qualification and experience for examiners 1. Periodontal therapy – Preparation of tooth surface Plaque control Anti microbial and other drugs used in periodontal therapy and wasting diseases of teeth Periodontal management of HIV infected patients Occlusal evaluation and therapy in the management of periodontal diseases Role of Orthodontics as an adjunct to periodontal therapy Special emphasis on precautions and treatment for medically compromised patients Periodontal splints Management of dentinal hypersensitivity D.


Seminars The seminars shall be held at least twice a week in each postgraduate department. Endocrine system – Endocrine glands and classification. Cariology theais Newbrun E About ntruhs library dissertation guidelines is Not Asked Guidelined Salivary glands, functional anatomy of mastication, deglutition and speech. Minimum of five seminars should be presented by each student, each year. Knowledge of internal anatomy of permanent teeth, anatomy of root apex and its implications in endodontic treatment.


Pendulum appliance 99 7. Onlay on molars 1 to be processed – 03 7. Library assignment to be submitted on or before the end of first six months. However a strict division of the subject may not be possible and some overlapping of topics is inevitable.

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Principles of extraction, indications and contraindications, types of extractions, complications and their management, principles of elevators and elevators used in oral surgery.

Salivary glands and its relations.

ntruhs thesis guidelines 2014

Oral sepsis and Bacterimia. Teaching and learning activities All the candidates registered for MDS course in various specialties shall pursue the course for a period of 3 years as full time students. The student as a specialist in community dentistry is expected to suggest practical solutions to the existing oral health situation of the given community.

Paper I, II and III shall consist of two long questions carrying 20 marks each and 5 short essay questions carrying 7 marks each.

ntruhs thesis guidelines 2014

Pg Dissertation Guidelines NtruhsI started reading the book and stopped. They may be copied and used.

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Other routine work as follows. Cell adhesion molecules and mechanism of adhesion. The Prevention of Dental Disease — Murray Exocrine glands of head and neck. These may be divided into blocks of 6 to 8 months duration each, depending on the training policies of each institution.


ntruhs thesis guidelines 2014

General Pathology Inflammation – Acute and chronic inflammation, repair and regeneration, necrosis and gangrene, role of component system in acute inflammation, role of arachidonic acid and its metabolites in acute inflammation, growth factors in acute inflammation role of NSAIDS in inflammation, cellular changes in radiation injury and its manifestation; wound management Wound healing factors influencing healing; properties if suture materials, appropriate uses of sutures; hemostasis —role of endothelium in thrombogenesis; arterial and venous thrombi, disseminated intravascular coagulation; Hypersensitivity; Shock and pulmonary failure: Mixed dentition cast analysis Special senses – Fundamental knowledge of vision, hearing, guidelimes, taste and smell.

Describe etiology, pathophysiology, principles, diagnosis and management of common problems within specialty in adults and children.

Ask for help from colleagues or seniors when required, without hesitation.


Pigmentation of oral and paraoral region. Advances in Periodontics —Thomas G. Model Checklists are given in this section.