Rights of the Author and the University: Page numbers must be correct. Electronic Thesis and Dissertation Preparation and Submission. Optional This is also an optional page. Tables may also be placed alone on the page immediately following the page that refers to them.

Use a professional quality font e. If you encounter these problems, contact the Manuscript Coordinator at Graduate Studies for assistance. Page numbers in the Appendices must also appear consistently as in the rest of the manuscript. Each of the two required copies of your manuscript must contain its own original figures, with the exception of photographs, in which case both may be high-quality copies either in color or black and white. Check the Author information pack on Elsevier. Graduate Studies does not provide copyright advisement.

You should consult your advisor for preferences or additional requirements your department may have. The degree you will be receiving at UNM, and the month and year of your latfx should be listed toward the bottom of the page check with Graduate Studies for the graduation date. International students are required to provide proof of insurance to the International Office in Student Services.

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Graduate Studies strongly suggests that both your committee chair and the Graduate Studies Manuscript Coordinator review a draft of your entire manuscript before you electronically submit it to the UNM Digital Repository. Figures Figures may include diagrams, charts, drawings, schematics, photographs, etc. Sections Thesis or dissertation manuscripts are generally divided into three sections: On the Abstract page first list the title of your manuscript, your name, all degrees you have already earned in chronological orderand the degree to be awarded.


How to use BanWeb. You may submit the hard copy manuscript forms to Graduate Studies—attn: Links Faculty for the Future – dedicated to linking a diverse pool of women and underrepresented minority candidates from engineering, science and business with faculty and research [positions at universities across the country.

Theses and dissertations must also be single-spaced and in searchable PDF format when sent to graduate nmt. For example, an appendix is the appropriate section in which to place material such as raw data, the nmsh of individual thseis analyses, or sample forms. For a visual reference to format the Front Matter, reference the examples of completed front matter here.

Survey Data” and page number. This page also includes samples of completed front and reference material.

Page numbers in the Appendices must also appear consistently as in the rest of the manuscript. Rights of the Author and the University: A horizontal figure that is too wide to fit on a regular manuscript page may be mounted on another piece of paper at the left hand margin, and folded like a fan.

These electronically submitted theses and dissertations ETDs are uploaded on a server housed in the UNM Digital Repository, where they are accessible for search and download through web search engines such as Google. The major section headings usually Chapter headings should each begin on a new page.

While under embargo the manuscript nonetheless remains available to the University of New Mexico academic community in order to satisfy requirements for the degree. Oversized figures may be presented in one of two ways: Additional information can be obtained by calling or visiting the US Copyright Office website. Forms For a list of forms, visit out Forms Page.


Use paragraph indentation as appropriate.

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Check “dot leader tab” in Microsoft Word in the “help” for more information. In most cases, students submitting ETDs benefit from having their work available in the open access repository.

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To list appendices in your Table of Contents, use “Appendices” as your major heading. In write a perswasive essay a paper, there is an Acknowledgements section, in which I can thank everyone that helped me along the way.

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Student must submit all copyright permission forms to advisor before the check can occur. This applies to unpublished manuscripts as well. The ,atex itself may be single or double-spaced. Count the title page as page “ii”.

nmsu thesis latex

The list is most often arranged alphabetically, although it may follow some other logical plan. Annual Security and Fire Safety Report. The problems listed below are among the most common, but manuscripts can be returned for other problems as well. Please note that computer-generated manuscripts are subject to the same formatting requirements as other manuscripts.