The gowns, caps and hoods of NMMU graduates were similarly inspired and are explained in detail below. We look forward to hearing from you. Once such approval has been obtained, an official research project is registered by the Manager: The forgetting of Air in Martin Heidegger. Article on Networked Journalism Referee for the following books and book chapters: For this section the researcher reports on empirical research undertaken in South Africa.

Responsibilities involved working as tutor in the Villanova Writing Centre and working as a teaching assistant for four different Professors. Article on the ethical limit between humans and animals 6. To achieve our vision and mission, we will ensure that: South African Journal of Philosophy, 22 1: HSRC in collaboration with Dept. From the analysis, he proposes a pooled funding model for development communication, arguing that such a Development Communication Fund would promote an independent development communication body to interact with all stakeholders.

An analysis of unique socio-economic and geopolitical complexities confirms that contextual issues are pivotal in influencing the evolution of NGOs and their engagement in the policy process.

This theoretical study is complemented by her recordings of dkssertation pieces.

nmmu masters dissertation

Article on Freud and Aquinas Externally examined by J. Introduction to Philosophy v.

nmmu masters dissertation

The candidate highlights the conceptual contestations on the role of the state; civil society and the legitimacy of Idssertation. The conclusion drawn is that it is important that the Agency implements effective monitoring systems that ensure the availability of functional tools commensurate with the demand for effective and efficient service quality. I am also responsible for establishing cross-disciplinary partnerships with a view to integrating Philosophy as a subject in all university programmes.


Jan-Apr Prod D. Personal Autonomy and what it means. You are also requested to send us news regarding your or fellow alumni achievements and interesting experiences for publication in our newsletters and on the website. Thank you for offering us the privilege of making NMMU a part of your life.

(PDF) NMMU Graduation Ceremony 7 | Levi Manda –

Guest lecture for staff and students at Rhodes University 13 August. Article on Globalization and Culture: In Africa after Modernity: Applying philosophical concepts from Deleuze and Guattari to create a novel approach to Video Games. Conclusively, the thesis proposes a theoretical distinction between NGOs as service oriented entities and CSOs as forums for associational life and dissertahion engagement.

Tracing Finitude in Hegel’s Phenomenology. She analyses the piano scores diasertation the Unisa Grade A List, pre-Grade 1 to Grade 7, highlighting salient aspects pertaining to performance practice.

The Hegelian Perspective Respect for the natural environment – We care about the environment and recognise our responsibility to conserve, protect and properly manage natural resources for ourselves and future generations – We promote the integration of sustainability principles into our academic practices, institutional diszertation and design of physical infrastructure – We encourage mutually beneficial and sustainable approaches to community service and engagement – We inspire students and staff to embrace environmentally friendly practices vi.


Introduction to Philosophy iv. Solicited Contribution, Submitted January, Guest lecture presented by invitation to staff members and graduate students in the Psychology Department, University of Stellenbosch 26 September. She presents a teaching framework for the authentic performance practice of Baroque music for the pianoforte in a contemporary mwsters.

MA in Conflict Transformation and Management

Black gown, long pointed sleeves pleated up with dsisertation twisted double cord and button. South African Journal of Art History, 28 3: Prof Paul Cilliers, Stellenbosch University. Article on Delineating Aesthetics.

Similar cord detail is used. South African Journal of Philosophy, 30 4: Review for South African Journal of Philosophy, 20 2: Discussion of 13 philosophical aphorisms.

Andrea Hurst | Nelson Mandela Metropolitan University –

A social semiotic analysis of selected examples of experiential brand marketing. From Individual to Ecosystem. South African Journal of Psychology, 39 3: Virtue ethics and accountancy education.