The rest house once again was pretty good and luxurious. The exquisite landscape really fascinated us and when Farhan played the old is gold songs collection of Kishore Kumar and Lata Mangeshkar, it was matchless. The best thing about Syed Mehdi Shah’s photography is the unadulterated portrayal of nature’s beauty without unnecessary filters and editing. According to Pakistan District Education Ranking , a report released by Alif Ailaan , the district of Neelum stands at number 58 nationally in the ranking related to education with an education score of The pictures look like beautiful paintings of a mythical land!! This is because the locals cannot purchase anything including meat or chicken during the winter months, due to harsh weather. Retrieved from ” https:

Experiencing other login problems? Retrieved 6 May Once again a superb job by the photographer. After we arrived in Jhelum district, I stopped on the bridge to look down into the River Jhelum. Cities, town and villages went by one after the other; Rawalpindi was gone; then from Murree, the car darted towards Muzaffarabad. Presently Gurais is divided into three regions:

neelum valley essay

From Karen a link road leads to Neelum which is one of the most beautiful villages of Neelum Valley. You are commenting using your WordPress.

Travelogue – Neelum Valley, AJK

Other Content by KamranRifat. A part of Nanga Parbat gigantic falls in this area which is dominated by “Sarwaali Peak” meters the highest mountain in Azad Kashmir.

The vslley notched up the music volume and the song that rolled off the cassette player now said:. Farmers were tilling their fields for the next crop.


Syed Mehdi Bukhari Updated Oct 20, A few young children looked out from the windows of the houses and waved at me. We started our journey once again but not before asking the local people how far Athmuqam was from there.

Neelum Valley – History Pak

Jagran valley is having a beautiful and clear waterfall that attracts the tourists. I esay pretty sure the originals look lot better and natural! Nice job Bukhari sahib. Tired, I bent my head down in submission to Nature.

The geographical features enhance the natural beauty of the Valley. It has been administratively divided into two sub-districts: So it is probable alot of the Kashmiris are descendent of Greeks.

The university had its own Script — Sharda, which resembled with the Deo Nagri Script, and the current village Sharda was named after it.

River Neelum does not just change its name to River Jhelum.

Arng Kel, Sharda and Narda Village. A part from Heavenly Beautiful Pakistan Colleges by Cities Colleges by Levels. Almost everyone pitched in with their input, hit and trial method was used but all in vein.

neelum valley essay

Jagran sub-valley can be accessed from Kundalshahi. Take a bow Mehdi saab. On another rooftop, just next to them, four boys were playing another game, perhaps Stapoo or a variation of it.

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neelum valley essay

I was prostrating before the Lord, the one who delivers one from a thousand prostrations. Around seven lakes were found and discovered and some were still hidden. Like Neeljm Peran this whole series of village is situated on the both side of Nullah Nagdar and a lot of water mills are constructed on it for grinding Maize which is its major crop. Dear reader, online ads enable us to deliver the journalism you value.


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Pakistan and Azad Kashmir are blessed with some of the most lovely sights one can see during a life time! The water should be shown as natural as possible. Fssay the upper end of the valley there are two distinct communities speaking two different varieties of Shina locally sometimes called Dardi.

From here upwards emerges typical Kashmiri living pattern with houses built of wooden logs, most of them double storied. Sometimes, a jeep or a motorcycle would stir the rocky jeep track, which otherwise lay still and silent.

Soon I found myself in a clearing at the foot of the mountains, avlley the Gujjar rivulet flowing down from the Barzal Pass meets the Gagai rivulet, forming a single stream that would end up in the River Neelum at Tau Butt. A few minutes later, when I looked around I saw Murtaqa using all his experience to set up the speakers and everyone was taken by surprise when he finally succeeded.