The chapter also gives details on how to conduct a systematic literature search. The aims and objectives for conducting a dissertation are therefore: Start your investigation as soon as you can and stick with your work plan. As a result, it is more suited to assembling a mass of information at a minimum expense in terms of finance, human and other resources. It includes the explanation of the four levels of measurement: Additional reading Green, J. First, it seeks systematic reading of previously published and unpublished information relating to your area of investigation.

Recording the information Recording the information is an important step in the research process. These items or ideas were not introduced arbitrarily but were based on his background literature review see Table 6. The literature review involves reading and appraising what other people have written about your subject area. Measurement is a procedure in which you assign numerals num- bers or other symbols to empirical properties i. He, therefore, brought together empirical evidence related to acci- dents on site gathered from several sources. Bear in mind that the writ- ing up stage can be overlapped with any of the above activities and may start as early as the literature review stage. It includes the explanation of the four levels of measurement:

Last but not least, you should be interested in the subject of research. You may not be familiar with the field of study, but the review puts you dissretation the picture as what is expected from you.

Nominal scale Nominal numbering implies belonging to a classification or having a particular property and a label. Open questions can, however, present problems. He, therefore, brought together empirical evidence related to acci- dents on site gathered from several sources.

A nauom study provides a trial run for the questionnaire, which involves testing the naouk of the question, identifying ambiguous questions, testing the technique that you use to collect the data, measuring the effectiveness of your standard invitation to respondents, etc.


naoum 2013 dissertation

Its main limitations are that it must contain simple questions, it is inflexible and has no control over respondents. Here, the negative sign means that the more experienced the client is with the building process, the less chance the project will overrun on time.

The Construction Industry is at present subject to much analysis and criticism generated by the recent Latham Report which was highly critical of current procurement systems, contract terms, training systems and the whole culture of the Construction Industry in this country. One thus begins the study advancing a theory, collects data to dissertatiin it, and reflects on whether the theory was confirmed or uncon- firmed by the results in the study.

Dissertation research & writing for construction students

These are primary sources, secondary sources and ref- erence guides. The interview technique is suitable under the following circumstances: Likert scale This type of scaling is similar to the rating scale, except the questions consist of attitudinal statements on the survey object say attitude to job satisfaction ranging from one extreme of favourableness to the other. Textbooks are much easier to trace and obtain than other ref- erences.

Add a review and share your thoughts with other readers. For example, in Proposal 1 in Appendix 1there were two objectives. The book focuses specifically on built environment related subjects with a special reference to the discipline areas of Construction, Project Management and Building.

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There are five main activities involved in undertaking a literature review: Dlssertation the open question offers no direct clues and is broad based, predictably this type of questionnaire is more difficult to analyse and interpret. A possible potential for the growth eissertation mediation in this country could be through the legal naokm Brown and Marriott, Inflexible in the sense that postal mail questionnaires do not allow the opportunity for probing.

But here are some quantitative questions: They were all large organisations, were very experi- enced with the building process and, most importantly, they all undertook different types of work under different contractual arrangements.


Indifferent supervision can often bruise feelings. The gathered information will develop issues and themes and should drive you to the next important stage, namely, research design. Semi-structured interview This is more formal than the unstructured interview in that there are a number of specific topics around which to build the interview.

The difference between quan- titative research and qualitative research is rather like the difference between counting the shape and types of design of a sample of green houses as against living in them and feeling the environment. Mackie suggests the need for increased education on alternative methods of dispute resolution and more research into the effectiveness and appro- priateness of alliterative forms of dispute resolution systems.

Some results require statistical analysis, as in the case of a large sample survey, and some results involve finding out the trend of the responses, as in the case of in-depth interviews.

naoum 2013 dissertation

For the level of statistics described in this book, both measure- ments are treated in exactly the same way. Whatever questions you intend to ask, they should not be arbitrary and need to be based on your literature review.

It is concerned with the nature of measurement in research. There are four levels of meas- urement: In this context, note-taking forms the basis for the construction of disssrtation literature review framework and provides the best way of maximising the extraction of information in the initial reading stage.

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