You know, there is one feeling when the thingyan festival is closer. Ok, then, I think I should stop now. During this festival, Myanmar people make traditional food which is only made in thingyan and donate the monastery and every house. The new year henceforth has come to signify the changing of hands of the Brahma’s head. Anyway, I believe thingyan festival is the most enjoyable festival in Myanmar and all the Myanmar people love to take part in it. May be you think it is very silly but all the Myanmar people think what I think. That flower is called Padaunt.

During the Water Festival, the Myanmar government relaxes restrictions on gatherings. If you want to know more about that, you can ask me. Among these festival, I want to tell you about the first festival which is celebrated in Tagu April. Generally however friendliness and goodwill prevail. Under the hot sun, people love to pour water each other with the sweet smile without any anger each other. In my opinion, the reason why they poured water each other was to clean the dirt of the old year and to join the New Year with the fresh, new minds and bodies. If it were thrown up into the air the sky would burst into flames.

The closer the thingyan festival, the louder the thingyan songs. The thingyan songs which we are listening during the thingyan festival are different from the other songs.

They are both served with grated coconut. Archived from the original on 17 April Thingyan festival of Pagan Kingdom. So, we say that exsay is very faithful coz it is the flower of thingyan.


Sometimes, you know, rain falls during this festival.

It is a hottest time of the year and a good dousing is welcomed by most. Why do they pour water each other in that festival since the beginning of that festival, I mean Bagan era??? Local girls rehearse for weeks festivaal even years, in the run-up to the great event in song and dance in chorus lines.

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Serious water throwing does not begin until a-kya nei in most of the country although there are exceptions to the rule. It is akin to rites of passage or coming of age ceremonies in other religions.

By using this site, you agree to the Terms of Use and Privacy Policy. This festival is also known as the Thingyan festival in Myanmar. They wear fragrant thanaka – a paste myannar the ground bark of Murraya paniculata which acts as both sunblock and astringent – on their faces, and sweet-scented yellow padauk Pterocarpus macrocarpus blossoms in their hair.

A Famous Festival in Myanmar Essay

Moreover, people decorate the cars and visit the whole city happily either with the family or with the friends. In my opinion, the reason why they poured water each other was to clean the dirt of the old year and mywnmar join the New Year with the fresh, new minds and bodies.

We offer that flower to Buddha. They typically provide free food to those participating in the new year’s celebrations. But, As I said above, it is also called New Year Festival, we pour water each other in the thingyaan of cleaning the dirt of old year.


If you want to know more about that, you festiavl ask me. Moreover, it is also known as Myanmar New Year festival. There are 13 most popular year around festivals in Myanmar.

myanmar thingyan festival essay

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myanmar thingyan festival essay

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myanmar thingyan festival essay

If you contact us after hours, we’ll get back to you in 24 hours or less. If it were thrown onto land it would be scorched.

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Everyone is fair game except the monks and obviously pregnant women. Views Read Edit View history. You know, that food is also very different; the taste which we eat during the thingyan festival is different from that which we eat after thingyan. The Brahma was so powerful that if the head were thrown into the sea it would dry fesival immediately.

That flower only blooms in April especially during thingyan festival.