They are normally academics or staff members at another UK university. New procedures to support consistent approaches to marking, moderation and feedback were also introduced as part of the project. Students need to know to what degree they have managed to achieve the unit learning outcomes, and receive some suggestions about what they should concentrate on in future assignments. MMU guidance on Returning marks and feedback. For other qualifications, assessment type and weighting information is added manually to the SRS. This also gives an opportunity to provide feedback on general examination performance see Should I be giving feedback on exams as well as coursework?

Some departments do not give any work back to students at all, while others give everything back and keep copies as needed for internal and external moderation of marks. The coursework receipting database calculates the return date and releases marks through Moodle on the due date. The lifecycle model offers a ready means of mapping business processes and potential supporting technologies against academic processes and has been used as the basis for the Jisc EMA research of which this case study forms a part. Your email address will not be published. Subject External Examiners are encouraged to provide a summary of issues for the Programme team to address.

You can find more information about External Examiners here. Of course the decision will depend on the type of assignment.

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The frustration of seeing feedback sheets which took hours to write gathering dust in the receipting office is familiar to most academics. What is my role in this process? For other qualifications, assessment type and weighting information is added manually to the SRS.

This might mean holding a meeting once marking is complete at the end of the academic year as most programme teams do in any case to produce some generic feedback across all assignments which will be discussed with classes at the beginning of the next year. We all do coursewwork lot of marking, frequently under great pressure, and you should be open to the possibility that you have missed something which would have altered your judgement, but do not let a student bully you into changing your mind.


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These reports will cover areas such as administration and procedures, assessments, student performance, good practice and enhancement. A good compromise here is to review examination performance with students at the beginning of the new academic year, in a related corusework.

If they need to have their own copy to use with your feedback, make sure that they know this.

mmu coursework feedback

All students are entitled to feedback on their work, which should:. Take into account any technical considerations, such as how long it takes to collect in assignments and distribute them to markers, time needed to upload audio or video files, and so on.

If you had had difficulties in ascribing a mark then normal practice would be that you would have requested a second opinion from a colleague already.

In the Throes of Change

You also need to motivate them to continue to develop; they need to know what would have coureswork them a first class mark. One way to show students that you think feedback is important is to set aside some class time to return it and to spend some time talking generally about what they should do with what you have just given back to them. If the student is not satisfied with this discussion, then he or she may need to be directed to the student complaints procedure.

Shouldn’t I focus my attention on the poorer students? A guide for Post-Compulsory EducationSage and if you think of it in that sense, it should contain:. Some markers in my team write lots of comments and others just write ‘good’ – how can we deal with this situation?

All students are entitled to feedback on their work, which should: Manchester Metropolitan University MMU is the largest campus-based undergraduate university in the UK with a total student population of more than 37, How should I return feedback? MMU guidance on Supporting.

TRansforming Assessment + Feedback For Institutional Change (TRAFFIC) at MMU

Let them know to what degree they have managed to achieve the unit learning outcomes, and make some suggestions on what they should concentrate on in future assignments. The maximum number of summative assignments per student is now 8 per year, including examinations.


It is not your responsibility to make the report available to the other students on your course, although you can direct fedback to it if you wish. There may be practical reasons why this is difficult to do assignments submitted at the end of term, for instance, or low attendance, although returning assignments might have a good effect on that.

There is also no reason why courseworj can’t do a ‘something I learned from my last feedback’ activity with students who were previously assessed on a different unit to your own even if it wasn’t you who gave that feedback.

mmu coursework feedback

Space does not permit a detailed analysis of each type here, but help is certainly available from the Centre for Coufsework and Teaching with the implementation of any of these examples which may be unfamiliar to you. There is now an institutional commitment to a four-week deadline; students now have clear, personalised information about when courseowrk and feedback will be received and the return of marks to students is done automatically via a feed to their Moodle area from the Student Record System.

Your m,u strategy feefback indicate which form of feedback will be used in which situations and give a rough idea of how much might be expected in each case eg 60 second audio clip, completed one page checklist. If so, where do I get these from?

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