Amalgam Mauricio Sanchez Duque: Parametrically Designed Lamp Michael Gonzalez: A composition for an audiovisual system. Little Shadows Lee Williams: Algae Synthesizer Ta-En Kuo: Doll-tangible user interface designer toy game controller Eric Nunez:

Interactive web-based mobile application for soccer fans Spencer Black: Phototropic Memories Subalekha Udayasankar: Communal Bicyclist Interface Boshan Zhou: Game based Writing Engine Juan Patino: I and City video installation Daisuke Ishii:

mfadt thesis 2012

Footwear designed for making music Yu-Da Ho: Positioning technology as a medium to disrupt traditional practices and to reframe new solutions to old problems. Download Your Emotions Alex Dinsmore: A Community Garden Project: Spacetime Explorer Seungkyun Lee: An Interactive Platform for exploring electronic music Caitlin A.

mfadt thesis 2012

Making the ability to share and communicate ideas and information accessible to wider populations. All Around Promotion Platform: Creative Circuit for Girls Nicole Messier: Health Measures for Malawi Tracy Gromek: Games without Pause Brett Burton: Doors Between Us Lynn Maharas: Phototropic Memories Subalekha Udayasankar: Lettergraphy Gustavo Simoes De Faria: The courses have included: Projects worked on the courses have related to a wide spectrum of subject matter and domains, including: I and City theiss installation Daisuke Ishii: Fundlife Young Eun Min: Creating and revealing unique perspectives on ordinary or ubiquitous spaces, including the geographical, architectural, emotional, and psychological.


Geneology tool Joseph Saavedra: Dont Flush Me Domenick Propati: Questioning the manifest rules, rituals, and cultures that emerge from individual actions and the perspective of the collective. Health Measures for Malawi Shannon Emigh: Collaborative Interface for Writers Daniel S.

Interactive Installation Norman Diaz: Color based drumsticks Philippe Ramet: Challenging the delineation of interaction and play, environment and imagination, narrative and agency. Tread Erosion Claudio Midolo: Interactive web-based mobile application for soccer fans Spencer Black: Invoking technology to dissolve boundaries, whether sensory, perceptual, or existential.

Ontogenesis for Manufacturing Saman Rezazadeh Tehrani: Crown Mfad Mic Francesca Castelli: Exploiting the boundary between the potential of the individual thess the power of the societal collective or group.

Working at the margins where physical bits and digital bytes intersect. Interactive Audio-visual ecosystem manipulated with gestures and touch Lee Meredith: