For the customer, the viral marketing strategy will be applied to attract customer to buy the drugs. This part of the campaign would include print ads in leading medical publications E. CSP has assigned Printup to be in- charged of the upcoming U. Metabical case study solution. From the analysis above shows Metabical has low threats to them compare with many opportunities of the products.

For the advertising strategy, direct to consumer DTC advertising is the way how to influence people to buy the products. Second event would be a medical research symposium that was open to members of the media and to medical professional. Retrieved November 20, from http: No prescription drugs are available for this market segment. Therefore, we must set our pricing competitively. This sales team will focusing the most geographically accessible and responsive to drug-rep visits. Under this program will have two events, first is roundtable discussion about the drugs with prominent thought leaders in the medical community.

No prescription drugs are available for this market segment.

Metabical Case

Do not require strict FDA approval. The following strategy will apply:.

metabical case study problem statement

She could then move on to assessing her current statemebt communication strategy and develop a timeline for the key activities. Other OTC solutions such as green tea extract, conjugated linoleic acid, bitter orange, etc. CSP teams will gain the prominent information especially customer email and home address so that it will be easily to send them any promotion events.

According to the American Obesity Association init is one of the top leading causes of death in U. The five forces are discussed below: Therefore, we must set our pricing competitively. They had serious side effects associated as well, which meant only stztement doctor could approve them.


Metabical Case 3 by on Prezi

Every user can access this program for two years starting from their purchasing products. Thus complications from these would only be discovered until individual consumed it. Interesting trends of industry. Lady Abigail Rogers Case Brief 1: Case Study in Session 2. This alternative choses the lowest pricing option because of the population chosen.

Printup will also discussed coverage of this event with several leading news organizations to ensure they will gain the information and publish the information to publics. Our chosen price is suitable because of the demographic stufy market. Pricing the product low will lower consumer financial risk, which gives the product a better opportunity to sell in maximum volume.

Metabical Case Study Problem Statement

This option also captures only an insignificant percentage of the target market and therefore will be difficult to achieve a positive ROI see exhibit 3. During this time, the both targeted group will be know the existing of Metabical in the weight loss industry.

metabical case study problem statement

It calculates the relationship between weight and problen associated with body fat and health risk. S country to promote the Metabical weight loss drugs.

Promote through print media brochures, pamphletstelevision, radio and online advertising.

According to the ABC news, the annual revenue of U. The Metabical also will be sold on this road show with discounted price and the customer will get the free e-books that will teach them a healthy life style. This population is very broad and general and therefore may contain customers who are price sensitive.


Then the second row of Swot table depicts the external opportunities and threat by comparing with the other competitors and the industry itself. Studdy Market CSP’s primary target market after extensive market research is customers with the following characteristics: I liked the last pricing strategy approach the best just because there is more of a focus on the value consumers will get from the new drug.

Metabical case study problem statement

The past, present, and future of direct-to-consumer prescription drug advertising. There are three BMI categories of excess weight for adults: Other than that, the viral marketing will be implementing through social networking wtatement such as Facebooks, Twitter, Instagram and Blog to create buzz about Metabical. What pricing, marketing and positioning strategy should be developed in order to strengthen the overall market position of the company?

CSP will launch the three different advertising concepts aimed at health care providers: Under this option, we have a target market that are educated and are willing to spend money on prescribed weight loss drug. Click here to sign up.