TK Chathunni, a life dedicated to football TK Chathunni was one of the football super stars in Kerala in the 60’s and 70’s. In the richness of the river Neyyar, a little boy caught himself in the currents of poetry. Later he was appointe. He is one among those rarest of rare individuals in the Indian judiciary, who gave a compassionate, human touch to a rather intricate system of law and has become the hope for the hopeless. Pillai, the iconoclastic playwright-director who revelled in taking on the so called conventions and accepted social mores in Kerala and thus pa.

She suffered the ill-practices of upper caste that prevailed in the society. Chronicler of unknown lives How do I write a topic sentence in essay writing? She dedicated her life for the welfare and upliftment of the tribal people. Mathrubhumi App keeps you updated on the latest Malayalam News and English News from all over the world.

Clean, Fast and Ads-Free. Eszay leading Mohiniyattom dancers learned the first lessons of this only female classical solo mathrbuhumi form from Kalamadalam Sathyabhama. E T Narayanan Mooss is a living legend among the Ayurveda physicians of the state with a rich traditional inheritance. Life and times of Chowalloor Krishnankutty A look back at the eventful life of poet-lyricist-scenarist Chowalloor Krishnankutty. Sher-E-Punjab maharaja ranjit singh gurmukhi script, words or at punjabiteacher.

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He was also an expert in Natyashastra in Kerala. An easy Bookmark saving option is also provided to the user to save favourite news items on the device. Field kannnada commerce, you my 70s. Essays in kannada item preview remove. Lines dances to the tune of an artist and then it takes the shape of a character the artist wants it to form- this is the magic of Artist Namboothiri’s sketches. Elegant, simple and evocative verses of Yusuf Ali Kecheri ‘Surumaezhuthiya mizhikale. Kidangoor Raman Chakyar aka Kuttappa Chakyar is the last in the line of the great artistes in Koodiyattam, a year-old classical performing art.


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Drama as imitation of life If drama is imitation of life, than C L Jose scripted success through his presentation of life in its myriad forms. Write down the points. Maheshwaran Namboothirpad, who gives life back to snake bite victims Avanaparambu Mana is the last word for snake bite victims.

Khota qabar the dress of siri guru nanak dev ji essay in punjabi, great punjabi to appear in. Mathrubhumi live news brings you the latest from Kerala and India. Take look at the sequence and see if the order is correct. Decide which is the opening point. He has scored the music for mathruubhumi evergreen songs and for this lonely traveller, every song was an expre. The first women Kathakali artiste, she defied all societal norms during that time not many girls have come to learn art and dance and to emerge as a talented Kathakali artiste.

Later he was appointe. A list of pakistan.

mathrubhumi essay in kannada

Nilambur Ayisha, the theatre veteran, is the first woman from a Muslim community to have stepped into the world of acting. All the news stories are locally stored in your device for off-line viewing as well.


It was in he joined Margi. As of August 16, the Wiki mafhrubhumi about 6, articles, [4] making it the th-biggest Wikipedia edition.

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Do you want to learn the art of writing essays? Meet writer-director Harikumar, maker of popular movies like Sukrutham, Ayanam and Udyaanapaalakan. Writer Sethu, lover of cricket and the good earth, who values friendships, still intensely enjoys life despite a lifetime spent in the service of arid numbers having been a professional banker. The author, who penned the first novel in Malayalam with Indian Railways as its backdrop in ‘Nizhal Yudham’, speaks of his literary journey.

Kerala’s art scholar Kanjoor Krishnan Namboodiripad This episode is about art pundit Kanjoor Krishnan Namboodiripad, the authentic voice in Keralite art criticism.

mathrubhumi essay in kannada

Aswathi Thirunal Gowri Lakshmi Bhai, belonging to the only royal house in India where the kings described themselves as Padmanabha Dasa ‘servant of god Padmanabhacould not be anything else. This Chalakudi matthrubhumi fighting spirit in football is well known. How do I write a topic sentence in essay writing?