This is also the reason i never answer all the questions that are not related to maths. Some ideas for you. Sir, is it possible to reject H0? Solution will be posted only when they are available. Please google for some related info and use it. Thx a lot for your kindness.

I hope your teacher is not insisting that u use excel and excel only…. Siti Aisyah on September 17, at I neeeded to hand in this week,hope you can email to me. Find information about parametric equations yourself. Chan Chee Sam on July 4, at 7: For the total number of combinations, please refer to your school teacher.

Tiffany Cheah on March 9, at 7: Sir, does t represent the time when the particles collide?

Would they be short, average, or tall? To solve the simultaneous equations. How can i get the other 2 sets? I cant teach here.

When you press your calculator,you shouldnt insert the negative in. You can refer the two pictures attached.


Stpm Math T Coursework Sem 2 | DYNAMOD

Make sure you are using the rad mode. If t value we found prove it dont collide, then they are many t value outside which we dont find on the equation said it don collide.

mathematics t coursework stpm 2016 term 1

Discuss, with examples, the differences between a relation and a function. For conclusion, you can rewrite again all your important result from each part and write one or two example that related.

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KHZ on September 16, at 9: Please ask your teacher or attend my class. Jack on March 17, at 8: Change your calculator or change your hand. So do not expect me to know all the school teachers requirement.

What is the function formula for the logaritma no. It can be obtained directly if you know what is parametric equation.

Different school teacher have different requirement on the non-mathematical part Introduction, methodology, and conclusion.

Sample solution will not be posted for this semester. Let me know if you know tefm. Sir, can I know how to find the predicted height? Solve the simultaneous equations. Only sample solution for mathematical part will be posted. Get notified when new articles including pbs sample are posted. I would like to ask about what should i write for any comment or statement after i plot the curve question 1?


Loo kim hooi on July 27, at I have tried my best to give the information that i know. So,If that is true,can I use the parametric equation of hyperbola?

mathematics t coursework stpm 2016 term 1

Chin on September 5, at 1: Fahmida on July 30, at 3: You can take any confidence level. KHZ on August 31, at For your teacher i dont know.