Conversely, a burnout context com- monly overemphasizes performance management. Alt- hough the parallel structure model can lead to an effective organizational architecture to pro- vide a balanced situation of the exploration-exploitation tension, the spatial separation model dominates research. The aviation industry is a fast moving and extremely competitive environment, where companies need to continuously invest in order to be at the forefront of innovation in the eyes of the customers, hence always delivering an excellent service. Therefore, within a single business unit, competing demands can be ad- dressed temporarily McDonough III and Leifer, , Raisch and Birkinshaw, Building a Design-Led Ambidextrous Organization. Apart from managerial insights, this thesis also addresses a number of scientific inter- ests. In the modern business world, which is characterized by rapid technological change e.

Taylor and Helfat, and fast turnover of knowledge e. Ambidexterity can be investigated on several levels of analysis or can be approached from different perspectives, making existing studies hard to compare and relate to each other. However, the theory addresses a slowly and gradually changing environment, where adaption and alignment occur over a long period. Concluding from responses, they found ambidexterity to positively contribute to financial performance, especially for organiza- tions operating in environments characterized by low centralization and for those companies with less resource interdependency. Compiled by the author Although both the punctuated equilibrium and the organizational vacillation model are based on similar underlying concepts, they can be classified as entirely distinct analytical frameworks. The contextual ambidexterity concept is based on interper- sonal relationships, thus making it difficult to put into measurable dimensions.

Hence, Benner and Tushman distinguish between exploratory and exploitation units as follows: Despite finding scientifically relevant masyer for the research, this proliferation of interest has also blurred some of the initial clarity about the concept. Tensions in the Integration of Ambidexterity 5.


Research has found a positive relationship be- tween ambidexterity and firm performance and therefore long-term success He and Wong,Birkinshaw and Gibson,Jansen et al.

Organizational Ambidexterity. A Managerial Act of Balance

As noted above, compared to structural ambidexterity, contextual am- bidexterity clearly focuses on the individual level in order to solve the exploration- exploitation tension. Through this theoretical overview on the concept of organizational ambidexterity we may con-firm its rational validity and thoroughly understand the righteousness of its purpose.

Under conditions of periodic discontinuities species would not have sufficient time to adapt gradually. Structural and Contextual Ambidexterity are Treated Separately 7. We need to design organizations that can continuously create human-centered innovation. For instance, in a country club context thedis support is overemphasized.

Concurrently, this model can be seen as an approach to solve the obscurity of the scientific field. Abstract In this dissertation we aim to provide a theoretical overview on the concept of organizational ambidexterity and to verify its rational validity. However, the theory addresses a slowly and gradually changing environment, where adaption and alignment occur over a long period.

Accord- ing to the concept of structural ambidexterity, there are two different approaches to accom- plish a business unit separation: The aim was to later develop a solution that The field, known as organizational ecology, has successfully linked models of population ecology to the study of organizational survival e. Building a Design-Led Ambidextrous Organization. This can be investigated with the help of various scientific concepts.

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A rather small amgidexterity of studies focuses on the investigation of ambidexterity related performance outcomes. However, an aver- age survival rate of four to ten years for businesses has been documented, making failure a common phenomenon in business life across industries Stubbart and Knight,O’Reilly III and Tushman, As networks offer a different context and opportunities for learning, this thesis tries to answer Due to the restricted scope of a bachelor thesis, such papers, if they were not necessary for certain contemplations, were usually also omitted from this analysis.


master thesis ambidexterity

Amburgey and Rao, In the spatial separation model see figure 3units are spatially divided into explora- tion and masterr tasks by either location or function. In the same year, He and Wong drew and investigated self-reported data in a three year time period from Asian manufacturing firms and found a positive correlation between ambidexterity, sales growth and firm performance.

The punctuated equilibrium model, for instance, also utilizes the exploration- exploitation construct to pronounce a possible solution for the above-mentioned organization- al trade-off situation. This Chapter will outline the structure of this bachelor thesis.

Outline of the Thesis Source: Ambidexterity Lenses Table 3: Various Ambidexterity Definitions Table 2: Lack of Exploration and Exploitation Definition Unity 7. A major question of the ambidexterity research is whether ambidextrous organizations obtain higher financial performance than their non-ambidextrous competitors and therefore obtain long-term masfer.

master thesis ambidexterity

Levels of Research Ambidexyerity Figure 7: Literature is not only vague in terms of uniform definitions but also in terms of perspec- tive unity on the construct. In the appendix, a detailed summary table for each paper containing its key assumptions and underlying concepts, its publication date, the study type and final conclusions are given. In pursuit of ambidexterity: