While, the rest of the manufacturing activities including finishing stages are completed through a network of small contractors which specializes in one particular part of the production process or garment type. The group was born in and in 1 Badia Enrique, Zara come si confeziona il successo. Choosing The Right Entry Internationalization of the Spanish fashion brand Zara. Conclusion Globalization has created new markets but has also resulted in increased competition and new challenges in the market place. Moreover, it is a difficult task for Inditex to manage multiple brands. The power given by they dimension can affect the suppliers in a strong way also because the CSR system is totally integrated with the buying system, so is not possible, for instance, to choose not suitable suppliers

Internationalization from Singapore to China. The group was born in and in 1 Badia Enrique, Zara come si confeziona il successo. Log In Sign Up. Gap spends a considerable amount of revenue on advertising activities unlike Zara which prefers to invest a percentage of revenues in opening new stores instead. Understanding internationalization patterns of Zara..

However, it should be guarded against cannibalisation risks emanating from its e-commerce channels. Internationalization from Singapore to China.

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Understanding internationalization patterns of Zara. For what concerns Biodiversity, they are involved in actions as Terra Project to improve forest projects and to create a seed bank in Galicia, and in other actions as Textile Exchange, Better Caze Initiative and with Intfrnationalisation that are mainly involved in protection and certification of organic raw material such as cotton Then, investing on the expansion of its online platform in Zara could reach the customers located in small city centers chian in geographically and culturally distant markets, like the Cinese one.


Journal of Fashion Marketing and Management: After selecting a market entry strategy However, it is possible to identify some limits of Zara’s strategy of internationalization and to underline the areas of interest where the company should invest, in order to continue its global expansion.

Competing in the Global Marketplace.

market entry strategy case study of zara internationalisation in china

Challenging markets like the Chinese one are very important for Zara to reach through the online store: Case study ZARA internationalisation in china. Internationalization Process of Fast Fashion Retailers: Comments and discussions among the customers and the company are possible internatioonalisation the main social media channels and they are very important for other clients to feel close to the company. Zara is active in all the social media channels, the webpage of the company and the mobile application are frequently updated and propose new outfits, customers services and also a careers platform so they get high popularity on the web with million of followers on every social about 22 million followers on Internationalistaion.

In particular, the issues analyzed concern technological developments and the marketing strategy that have contributed to improve the efficiency and effectiveness of the organization.

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Then, Zara strategy of internationalization is supported by an high technological zqra, that allows the company to monitor all the stages of the supply chain strictly. I need to secure that my production must be demanded. Managing Brands in a Changing World.

market entry strategy case study zara internationalisation in china

Asian and European Experiences. Log In Sign Up. Case Study of Zara — Internationalisation in China.

Amongst the motivations to strategise are to grow fast ahead of the competitors, grow in the line with the lnternationalisation or to simply catch up and defend an existing status. Internationalization strategy and globalization Zara operates on the global scene through: Moreover, permit to enhance security control and to record data about sales to the technological headquarter The name Tata in India is a brand to reckon with and helped Zara with market penetration.


market entry strategy case study zara internationalisation in china

This is due to the fact that stores are the first form of advertising for Zara, and word of month marketing is a quite effective strategy even in the online environment to reach global customers and to maintain existing ones.

Finally, strengths and weaknesses of Zara internationalization strategy are underlined to get a deeper comprehension of the Zara phenomena and to understand future trends and scenarios for the brand. Retail Strategy Module David F.

market entry strategy case study of zara internationalisation in china

The aim of this report is to analyze the most influential aspects that have made the internationalization strategy of Zara successful and to identify the limits and the opportunities of growth for Zara in the international scenario. When the alarms are applied in the Logistic Center every garment is coded one by one before to leave for the distribution phase Recently, Gap has been facing difficult times due to strong competition and erosion in its target market of younger buyers. The study confirms that