Every country boasts of their movies for the struggle of Independence, and if this the one we have to boast of, it’s really a shame! Find showtimes, watch trailers, browse photos, track your Watchlist and rate your favorite movies and TV shows on your phone or tablet! The only acting complaints I have are that most of the British actors playing officers did not seem to put as much effort into speaking Hindi as Stephens did. Further, it was reported to him that one of them, Mangal Pandey, was pacing in front of the regiment’s guard room by the parade ground, armed with a loaded musket , calling upon the men to rebel and threatening to shoot the first European that he set eyes on. Audible Download Audio Books. Remember your pledge to Dharma.

This film could theoretically get an Oscar nod unfortunately a win maybe a hard sell. India , country that occupies the greater part of South Asia. This hope illumines our hearts and assures us of success. On the afternoon of 29 March , Lieutenant Baugh, Adjutant of the 34th Bengal Native Infantry, then stationed at Barrackpore was informed that several men of his regiment were in an excited state. This film lived well upto my expectations. Testimony at a subsequent enquiry recorded that Pandey, unsettled by unrest amongst the sepoys and intoxicated by the narcotic bhang , had seized weapons and run to the quarter-guard building upon learning that a detachment of British soldiers was disembarking from a steamer near the cantonment.

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Fujarati, it seems Mehta has gone wrong. I did not find this to be a problem at all, in fact I believe the first half is superior to the second.

mangal pandey essay in gujarati language

Movie fails oanguage generate much excitement for and stir feeling from audiences the way Lagaan did — though both have a theme in common, i. I wish he had spoken in a deeper tone in the film, as I imagined Mangal Pandey with a stronger voice.


mangal pandey essay in gujarati language

Of course, it was a big history lesson form me though the producers warn you that some of this is fictionalizedbut I have a better understanding of the Indian culture now.

The personal motivation behind Pandey’s behaviour remains confused.

mangal pandey essay in gujarati language

The sedition of which signaled the inception of the Indian Independence process and the eventual exaltation of Mangal Pandey is a much sought after theme in mainstream Indian cinema. His life and actions have also been portrayed in several cinematic productions. He took out his sword. Therefore while it may be difficult, it should be looked at as its own entity. The story revolves around a character who becomes their first freedom fighter and is based on true history.

Say that the only cause of the defeat of Hindusthan was Hindusthan herself, that shaking away the slumber of centuries, the mother rose to hit the foe, but while her right hand was striking the Feringhee dead, her left hand struck, alas, not the enemy, but her forehead!

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The soldiers however, firmly told the Colonel that they would not touch the virtuous Brahmin. When I saw the poster, I though it was a Latino flick. Retrieved 3 January The minute details of his personal life did not need any depiction in the movie. The movies shortcomings come from a vain effort to include the quintessence of Bollywood cinema in this movie – songdance and color.

Music has been composed well by AR Rahman. Although that cannot be held against him as very few actors take the risky plunge of slightly altering their voice. Resistance to the use of Enfield cartridges later that month in Meerut led to the outbreak of a revolt there in May and the start of the larger insurrection. However, I cannot help but feel that he’s iin short-changed as Toby Stephens is given more opportunities to out-act him, lack in that court trial scene for instance — Aamir doesn’t have a big stop-the-movie-in-its-tracks scene, though that changes after intermission when his character is finally given prominence.


A technically well pandeh movie in every sense. This movie gujartai have been a masterpiece if only they would have lost the couple esswy female “leads” to oblivion and lessened some of the “color”.

Firstly, it documents a period of history that tends to be airbrushed under the carpet in British history lessons.

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He appealed to them to wake up and attack. I fail to understand the motive or even the thought process behind them unless it is that we are all in the danger of succumbing to cheap cynicism when feelings or ideas of patriotism come up in a creative form.

What I am saying is that films always distort history a bit – and so long as they are not conveying a completely different story – that should not matter. Shame on you Mr. Though Toby Stephens is definitely the best after Aamir Khan in the movie.

Mangal Padey was enraged at the idea of the humiliation of his brethren.

Mangal Pandey: Spearheading the ‘Indian Mutiny of 1857’

This is only the second Bollywood I have seen and was not quite what I’d expected. What was the need of Rani Mukherji’s prostitute character and Amisha Patel’s Jwala character, i cant understand! A comment was made elsewhere that the younger audiences found it hard to connect with the historical character. Modern Indian nationalists portray Pandey as the mastermind behind a conspiracy to revolt against the British, although a recently esxay analysis of events immediately preceding the outbreak concludes that “there guiarati little historical evidence to back up any of these revisionist interpretations”.

Invading another country is almost always for selfish reasons, glossed over in one way or another according to the double-talk of the day.