There is a lack of quality communication and general support with learning to code. I was a student at MakerSquare for three months, and I also stayed makersquare as a fellow essentially a teaching assistant for a 3-month course after that. Louis and I believe that’s thanks to MakerSquare! It could be hard for people who are not exposed to programming or statistics to keep up the pace. Students are excited to be putting their new skills into practice, hacking away at their various projects and improving upon their skill set. Currently the demand is more than the supply.

MakerSquare’s average rating is 4. And they’re upfront about it: We would then work on our own for an hour or longer. There are a lot of musicians, and there are folks from the service industry, like bartenders and wait staff. MakerSquare also devotes nearly half of its program to building your own applications.

Tony is a very knowledgeable and amazing teacher. She loves breakfast tacos and spending time getting to know bootcamp alumni and founders all over wprk world. I’d say the think that made me successful is that Im a rapid learner.

It was a big challenge for me at that time as I had little programming experience. There are tons of open jobs here and reports indicate that there will only continue to be more need for software engineers.

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There were some that had a tech background coming in. It’s worth the money to avoid a long commute for those three months.


makersquare pre course work

Online Courses, Bootcamp Prep, C For me, I spent a little bit time after class and I was able to keep up makersquare the curriculum 5. It all gets easier.

makersquare pre course work

But on the road to mastering your first language, switching languages constantly can be a detriment to progress. MakerSquare teaches a JavaScript curriculum, and they taught Rails when you were there. They were very, very supportive. My experience in the 3 month bootcamp, defenitely increased my chance to be admiited. Ready to learn more? I can personally tell you, students who finish every drop of prep work are much better prepared for class than students who don’t.

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makersquare pre course work

Realistically, each school likely has different reputations and hiring networks depending on the city. Answered Jan 14, Where MKS shined was the quality of the instructors and fellows and the environment that they fostered. What has this meant for the two full-stack, JavaScript bootcamps who have both boasted killer job placement rates and starting jakersquare Attending MakerSquare was the best decision I have made courxe my life.

I am makersquarre impressed, and I want to do it again next time I get a chance to learn something different. I mainly chose them for the outcomes percentages. MakerSquare was one of the best experiences of my life. Technologies taught at both schools include JavaScript plus Node.


Jargon like object-oriented and functional programming suddenly make sense. I googled, read books, followed tutorials, and watched videos, all with the goal of building small projects.

Makersquare pre course work

We have an incredible group of passionate, intriguing prr. Having taken the class, I’m not only taking on rewarding projects that are heavy on web development, but with the help of tools I learned about through the course, I was able to apply those skills directly to enhancing my professional website. With occasional presentations, some mock interviews with a technical mentor, and being surrounded by eager minds, you will learn how to talk about technical topics with confidence.

Go to Hack Reactor instead.

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We talk about what makes a truly successful bootcamp grad, the point checklist every bootcamper needs at their first job interview, and why Doa is excited for MakerSquare to open in New York City this June! Also there’s a good emphasis on professional best practices, like Github and agile scrum and whatnot.

Personality and culture fit matters a lot because if you’re smart wirk can teach you anything.