Since operating the business for years, Louis Vuitton never gives any discount for a promotion. The producer designed a 4-petal yellow oak flower and placed the crossed LV characters, which was his initial, on dark brown clothing instead of W L which stands for Wagon Lit. Its print campaign also supports our brand strategy, by welcoming consumers to LV The Story — to become fully immersed in L. The product was introduced in the red and beige crossed design. All these elements drive up the brand cachet and make Louis Vuitton the well known luxury brand of the earth. This item was popular because they can be pied up.

Later the fashion of LV has spread to people in entertainment industry from Europe across Hollywood. Additionally samples will be given out in special bags given out during Fashion Week. Enter the email address you signed up with and we’ll email you a reset link. The only text in the advertisements will be the date of the official launch of the new product line so as to build anticipation. The idea of this is that it will look the brand looks cheap if there are too many products in the market, they will look normal that anyone can have.

In addition, with the increasing number of wealthy tourists from China, Hong Kong, Vietnam and Thailand, this segment will continue to grow fast.

House of Louis Vuitton: Hence, it should do more placement advertising in the future. The origin of Louis Vuitton can go back to the early 19th century when the French railway company wanted to change the rotten and damaged cow leather of seat covers in the first class to synthetic fabric clothing which is softer and more durable. With words of mouth, Louis Vuitton has become the best French product brand seller in the past decades even though there has been a very rare change in design of the LV products.

These booklets include in the typical promotional gift bags, commonly known as swag bags that are given away stuudy Fashion Week. For instance, the face of the line, Leighton Meester, will promote the line through her account and the tweets will be featured on the LV Makeup Twitter page.


To capitalize slidezhare this strong online presence, the visuals, videos and advertisements for the cosmetic line will be featured across all online channels. Fans on the Facebook site can discuss the brand in relation to classical music, art, travel and sport.

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This needs to be maintained by a stucy supply chain system which merges technical advancements with traditional know-how. Similarly to the status seekers, customers from this group are willing to pay a premium for products that express their styles as they enjoy the way the brand make them feel.

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InGeorge Vuitton from the second generation launched the Monogram Canvas design of which the design comprises of the characters LV, stars and flowers. Log In Sign Up. The vase monogram on almost all of its leather goods allows consumers to immediately identify the brand, even from a distance.

The growth rate will therefore be gradual but slow, which justifies our assumed figure. Lvmj Paris to Alexandrea and Cairo…. Lluis vuitton japan – review. From Venice to Istanbul….

And this year, he provided a set of tea cups for the King Borada of India and it has become the beginning of the Epi Line. Timeline casd Louis Vuitton Louis Vuitton clearly separates the ownership from production, management and marketing that may make the brand have the highest sale revenues among fashionable handbags. More importantly, by using its own channels that can be controlled, it allows LV to prevent counterfeit products entering its distribution channels.

And just the past few years, Louis Vuitton has offered a more selection of designs and colors of the products for customers to choose. Rather than eradicate the time consuming hand-crafting procedures of the manufacturing process, it is crucial to keep some of the traditional aspects that the brand slideshaare known for.

Market Vision Luxury — Challenges and opportunities in the new luxury world: The only text in the advertisements will be the date of the official launch of the new product line so as to build anticipation.

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And Louis Vuitton trunk is fashion icon on films already. For example, the Louis Vuitton uses its Facebook page to promote its major marketing initiatives and seasonal campaigns.


After that the producer used his full name Louis Vuitton as a trademark even since and that is the origin where the luxurious world class product brand Slideshre Vuitton or LV emerged.

In the future, to target different customers, there are diverse strategies as following: However, it is a natural and strategic move for the brand cxse will allow Louis Vuitton to maintain a competitive edge in the luxury industry while capturing market and wallet share from competitors.

lvmh case study slideshare

Live the Truth LV is committed to staying true to its roots and its heritage, and this will be brought across in its advertisement. The slideshrae of them will be incorporated into each media vehicle of the campaign. It was the first time that the copy right of the design was registered in the world.

lvmh case study slideshare

The idea of this is that it will look the brand looks cheap if there are too many products in the market, they will look normal that anyone can have. Louis Vuitton as a founder in The company will sell its products to only official agents that has a central management shop in the area of the world which is the boutique shop at major cities by using the scale 1 shop per the population of 1 and there is skideshare limitation to have the same product designs for pieces only.

Besides, some products of Louis Vuitton are named after a city name like Soho, Broadway The Identity of Louis Vuitton The numbers of the products made will be the same as the products are sold and the production will be suspended when the sale revenues reach the target set.