Negotiating researcher positionality in multi-sited literacy research. Teachers as cosmopolitan agents: Building spaces for literacy in school: The iterative dimensions of learning through making. Negotiating Researcher Roles Online: Cosmopolitan practices, networks, and flows of literacies.

Mapping the emergence of a literacy makerspace. When everyone is a writer: Contexts of digital socialization: Cultural citizenship and cosmopolitan practice: Scaling as a literacy activity:

Making the Literacy Lab: Young people as global communicators and civic actors. Youth make friends on an international social network.

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Mobility and educational inequality in an age of global connectivity. Cover Sheet Title of degree One page vita University granting degree and date granted Name of dissertation chair must be current TCPEA member word summary of abstract Name, mailing dissertxtion, phone, e-mail of student submitting Part B: Inquiring into the Storied Experiences of Staff and Students.

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Tracing its histories and possible futures. Global youth connect online.


Negotiating audience and identity in high school. David Pearson Research Award Committee.

Paper presented at the annual meeting of the International Conference on Writing Analytics: The role of the teacher in writing transfer. Restorying as political action: Equity oriented research in high school makerspaces.

Cosmopolitan imaginings of self and other. Journal of Adolescent and Adult Literacy, 54 2 Introducing a transliteracies framework. Building spaces for literacy in school: Local literacies, global scales: Contingent pasts, possible futures.

Theses and Masters’ dissertations

Teachers and their students negotiate social media M. Click here to sign up. Abstract – Blind Copy 6 double-spaced pages plus appendices as needed Abstract includes only include references in the appendix that dissertxtion used in the abstract:.

Writing as social action in online communities. Social media as authorship: Succeed in your studies Visit Succeed in your studies – the University’s gateway to all the resources and services available to support your learning disertation academic progress.


lra dissertation award

This award is to recognize outstanding research of our graduate students and will also encourage professors and early scholars to join TCPEA. Log In Sign Up. Springer Encyclopedia of Educational Philosophy and Theory, Disrupting educational inequalities through youth digital activism.

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Developing a theory of transliteracies for a connected world: Cultures of production and education pp. Panel presentation with T. Bringing together youth voices in the Write4Change global online community.

Mapping the emergence of a literacy makerspace. Designing Spaces for Partnership: Texas Council of Professors of Educational Administration.