Very rich in vitamins B 1 and C, the fruit mostly exists as an oval seed. Antibacterial activity demonstrated by the extracts and isolated compounds provides credence to the ethnomedicinal use of Searsia chirindensis against diarrhoea. Bacillus subtilis, Staphylococcus aureus, Staphylococcus epidermidis, Staphylococcus saprophyticus, Streptococcus pyogenes, three Gram negative bacteria: Moreover, it is cultivated both within and beyond its range. In addition, lupeol was isolated from S. Anacardiaceae is a non-native perennial woody plant that is one of the most invasive weeds in Florida, Hawaii, and more recently California and Texas. This work consist to check whether this chemical compound is still used in Senegal.

The extract also prevented body weight loss in diabetic rats. Ethnobotanical and nutritional aspects. Anacardiaceae , is an important cash crop in Benin. In this study, the genotoxicity of the aqueous and hydro-methanol extract of these plants was evaluated using mouse bone marrow micronucleus and sperm morphology assays. Spondias venosa Colla ex Mart. Botanical Journal of the Linnaean Society

They possess also antimicrobial [ 16 ] and antiviral activities [ 17 ].

Literature review on spondias mombin

Generic limits and definitions in the Anacardiaceae have been re-drawn several times during the past century and still need some work; revision of Spondias has required further re-examination of subfamily Spondioideae and led to the discovery of at least one new genus from Madagascar Mitchell et al.

The minimal inhibitory concentration MIC of moronic acid literayure 1.

The administration of S. In conclusion, major components of CNSL yield literaturs best dentin biomodification outcomes when applied for one minute without staining the dentin collagen.

Hermaphroditic treesreproductive height 4—15 25 m. This premise was examined through comparison of the histometry, cytometry and anatomical development of non-galled leaves and galls of Calophya duvauae Scott Hemiptera: In this study, we evaluated the responses induced by the herbivory of the twig-girdler beetle Oncideres albomarginata chamela Cerambycidae: The flowers are obdiplostemonous the outer whorl of stamens opposite the carpels ; the antepetalous stamens are shorter at all stages.


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The use of hydroalcoholic extract of Schinus terebinthifolius Raddi accelerated the stomach healing in rats. In this study, we selected Cotinus coggygria, a species widely distributed in China’s warm-temperate zone. Noguera F, Vega Rivera J. Flowers of Spondias mombin. Notes on the ecology and economic botany of the species are provided.

Anacardiaceae in the states of Amapa Northern Brazil and Pernambuco northeast Furthermore, an in vivo study was conducted on Swiss Albino mice, where dexamethasone was used as a standard anti-inflammatory sponrias and carrageenan was used to induce hind paw edema.

Gallic acid and 3-caffeoyl quinic acid were isolated from the acetone extract of S. Cytotoxicity was assessed using a colorimetric assay against Vero kidney, human hepatoma and murine macrophage cells. Especies de una selva baja caducifolia.

literature review on spondias mombin

The pulp is stewed, or made into preserves, or used to prepare juices and alcoholic beverages fermented or for flavoring CavalcanteLorenzi et al. Resin viscous and usually clear or less often cloudy Spondias globosa.

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Schinus terebinthifolius Raddi Anacardiaceaepopularly known as red aroeira, is used in traditional medicine to treat inflammatory, gastric, and respiratory disorders. It is known to flower in Aug-Feb and fruit Jan-Sep. Stones of yellow mombina native fruit of the tropical America and West Indies, were used as starting materials to produce activated carbons, splndias used as adsorbent for CO2 capture.


Individual faecal egg counts were performed on days 0, 3, 6, 9 and Quebrada La Chota, trib.

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The yellow mombin is less desirable than the purple mombin and it is appreciated mostly by children and way-farers as a means of alleviating thirst. On the other hand, one must mmombin the possibility that native populations are declining due to disturbance.

literature review on spondias mombin

The results showed a significant improvement in glucose tolerance in rats treated with Sclerocarya birrea extract.

Wood anatomy The wood anatomy of several Spondias species has been described and compared with other Anacardiaceae genera.

literature review on spondias mombin

For all five tree species, germination rate was greatest mmombin seeds ingested by howler monkeys. Vogel ; Garwood Therefore, this study concluded that the extract showed antifertility activity and can be used as a contraceptive [ 66 ]. The present work uses the terminology in Ellis et al.

They are geraniin and galloygeraniin. In tropical Africa, saplings serve as poles for mombbin, branches for garden poles and for axes and hoe handles.