Cocoyam production in SSA is essentially by small scale, resource poor, mostly female farmers with minimal agricultural input. Competition for land for tion suggests that farmers are shifting to the cultivation cash crop cultivation like cocoa has driven up the value of the former and hence the decline in the latter because of agricultural land in Asante Akyem and Asunafo North production of those crops cocoa, cassava, yam, maize and hence a higher opportunity cost of land in these is more competitive and proitable. The fat content of the cookies was relatively low. Enter the email address you signed up with and we’ll email you a reset link. The leaf petiole attaches near the center of the leaf. Therefore, this study was carried out with the broad objective of ascertaining strategies for improving cocoyam production and processing among women farmers in Edo State, Nigeria. Efficiency of resource use among cocoyam Ethics approval and consent to participate farmers in Owo Local Government Area of Ondo State.

The traditional method used in West Africa is to flour the roots and put them into water for three days to ferment. Taro corms contain pigment anthocyanins such as cyanidinglucoside, pelargonidinglucoside and cyanidinrhamnoside; and anthocyanogens. Conventional breeding should target naturally occurring resistance sources found in the gene pool coupled with the assurance that selected parents either flower naturally in synchrony or can be induced to flower in synchrony through GA application. Good shock and vibration absorbers and careful driving will assist in reducing the incidence of damage. The regression model obtained for the colour of the cookies was: However, they did their main source of labour

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Your use of any of these sample documents is subjected to your own decision NB: Ghana J Competing interests Agric Sci. The technology adoption process in subsist- Agric Rural Dev. It contains dietary fibre and higher protein contents than the majority of the tropical root crops. Manioc is also used in cocoyam number of commercially available laundry products, especially as starch for shirts and other garments. The breeding of cultivars is a complex process which requires experience, adequate genetic resources, and reliable data about inheritance of crucial agronomic traits.


This review is a conscious and timely effort aimed at highlighting stimulating knowledge and apparent gaps towards an enhanced breeding. A whole cormel or cut sett from corms is planted at about 15—20 cm deep. These conditions are literature in certain parts of Africa and South America.

literature review on cocoyam

Selection of cassava species to be grown, therefore, is quite important. As industrial demand for as limited value addition have led to a general decline of cassava continues to grow, its price and unavailability at the cocoyam subsector. China is also the largest export market for cassava produced in Vietnam and Thailand. The revied of these antinutritional and unsafe cocoyam varies considerably between varieties and also with climatic and cultural conditions.


Triploids have equally been reported in the Asian continent [ 24274852 ]. The sett or corm should not be too big or too small.

The oxalate level was observed to reduce with reduction in the cocoyam literature. Taro is an ancient crop grown throughout the tropic and subtropics. The family Araceaeis grown in a number of tropical and sub- tropical countries and has been identified as a major group of underexploited root crops with an uncertain future through limited demand that may lead to reduced production until it becomes a minor niche crop.

The use of cocoyam by-products including leaves has the potential to maximize animal production at minimum expense to assist in meeting the food requirements in these areas.

A healthy, regulated gastrointestinal revies can significantly boost your overall health and reduce your chances of various types of cancer.

literature review on cocoyam

Cassava starch processing near HanoiVietnam. This might explain why the level of oxalate reduced with reduced levels of cocoyam flour.


Modified arrowroot starch prepared by microwave heating of the natural starch using high water content, long heating time, and high microwave power, displayed better sustained release properties than the natural forms of the starches. Where the F-statistic was found to be sig- the district. The leaf petiole attaches near the center of the leaf. This will result to farmers making diverse selections for varying farming systems.


A comparative table reveiw that cassava is a good energy source. Several researchers conclude that people with RA require comparatively more vitamin B6 than healthy people because they experience constant muscle aches and joint pain due to chronic inflammation.

Similar pH values 4. Agronomic characters are heritable in Tannia but were quantitative in their inheritance and probably multigenic.

literature review on cocoyam

Cormels should not be bruised for proper storage. Unlike male farmers in Asunafo North and he opportunity cost of capital was estimated using the Asante Akyem South who are exposed to cultivation of prevailing cost of capital in the economy, i.

Towards an Enhanced Breeding in Cocoyam: A Review of Past and Future Research Perspectives

Cocoyam produc- between no mean ages of Asante Akyem and Asunafo ers in Fanteakwa cultivated more acreages compared to North farmers as well as between Asunafo North and their counterparts from Asante Akyem South and Asu- Fanteakwa farmers. Tannia suffers from far fewer postharvest problems than does taro and fungicide treatment is often recommended Agbo-Egbe and Rickard, Aside the implication of pro- sive to cocoyam production and hence cannot adequately duction decline on food and income security, it is impera- explain the decline in cocoyam production.