However, it was not clear the extent to which these negative opinions were based on recent personal experiences or historical issues in the public health system. National Health Insurance Fund deals with? Reasons for not belonging to health insurance. High insurance coverage in the study area can be attributed to the fact that the study was conducted in a rural area with a long history of CBHI schemes, and which records the highest level of CBHI membership in Kenya. According to the Tanzania National Census, the population of Njombe district was , The Kenya government needs to carefully consider the value of achieving universal health coverage through a contributory basis versus providing coverage for those working in the informal sector through tax funding.

They further complained on not being respected as they stayed for a long time waiting for services while others got. DK supported data analysis and writing. The government was the most preferred revenue -collecting and purchasing organization Respondent claims on the quality of the services rendered by the NHIF to its rural beneficiaries Table 7: Close to half of the household survey respondents Ongoing analyses of health equity should be encouraged to assess the impacts of forthcoming reforms on financing and benefit incidence over time Makawia, Household expenditure and utilization survey report

Secondary data was collected from various sources of documents.

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World Health Organisation, editor. The researchers read through the transcripts several times to familiarize themselves with the data, to code and identify sub-themes and themes.

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This could be associated with the fact that solidarity was common in the community, with people often coming together to help relatives and neighbours in cases of large hospital bills or in the event of death.


All households in the selected villages were literafure and given a unique identification number. All selected households participated in the survey regardless of whether they belonged to a health insurance scheme or not. A total of households participated in the cross-section survey, which yielded individuals.

Central in the health financing strategy and policy debates in Kenya is the role of different health insurance mechanisms in generating additional revenue for the health sector and offering financial risk protection. User charges for health services in developing countries: The results indicate that inpatient care was ranked as the number one priority; with According to the community, membership of health insurance schemes was for the rich, the old and the sickly.

According to the Tanzania National Census, the population of Njombe district wasCross-sectional household survey data were double-entered into Visual FoxPro version 9. About half of the household survey respondents had at least one member in a health insurance scheme.

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Other factors that made it easy for people to belong to health insurance schemes were: Systems change for universal coverage. The fall and rise of cost sharing in Kenya: To examine the extent to which the NHIF has managed to achieve its objectives. Out-of-pocket payments accounted for Although the Kenyan policy discussions reviee more geared towards a contributory national health insurance scheme, participants expressed their preference for a tax – funded scheme, since all Kenyans pay taxes either directly or indirectly.

The NHIF was the main insurer National Hospital Insurance Fund accreditation manual.

Wide dissatisfaction with the public health system was reported. Other factors that made it easy for people to belong to health insurance schemes were: The thematic framework revies then revised to include new themes that emerged from the data, and which were not easily identified from the topic guide.


Determinants for participation in a public health insurance program among residents of urban slums in Teview, Kenya: Membership of health insurance schemes About half of the households Results from FGDs showed mixed patterns regarding awareness and understanding of health insurance.

Ages of the Respondents. Others felt that being a rural setting, people hardly travelled to urban areas, where such information was readily available, and therefore knew very little about health insurance in general and its role in health care payments. Purposive sampling was used to obtain respondents from each Village, revifw thirty respondents 30 were taken from each village.

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Data shows that Membership of health insurance schemes in the communities under study was quite high. Many low and middle income countries LMICs are currently considering how to kiterature their health care systems to provide effective financial risk protection for all, as part of universal health coverage UHC.

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There is indirect tax… If we are taxed and it is used [for health care] just as it is used to build roads, by the water ministry and for other services, the Ministry of Health should provide free medical treatment erview indirect taxes.