Hence, this is a very important decision and must not be taken lightly. Different strategies need different HR skills for implementation. Job rotation is thus used by many organizations for all-round personality development of worker and more adaptability in them. Employee assistance, workers compensation claims, drug testing, safety compliance and training. The experience of the actually doing something makes a lasting impression and has reality that other types cannot provide this training is for everybody from clerk to company president.

The yearlong training would be mentored by the vastly experience HCL employees. With this passion and commitment of our people, HCL stands for Leadership, driven by innovative practices adopted by and for our customers. In order to achieve excellence in training and development program, it is advisable to further improve the quality level of trainers that in term will be beneficial for both employees and organizations. Dec 27, Enter the email address you signed up with and we’ll email you a reset link. Thus it has a long-term perspective. HCL would take care of the candidates Boarding and Lodging expenses excluding traveling cost for initial period of training not exceeding 30 days during ILT, as per the Training Program.

Help us fill the void. Leads to improved profitability and or more positive attitude towards profits orientation.

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Under their Quality Education System program, they train their employees on the kiterature concepts and tools of quality. The objective is to create a learning organization. Training means learning skills and knowledge for doing a particular job.


literature review of hcl infosystems

Improves the relationship between boss and subordinate. This Department includes number of function which are as Follows: It increases job skills.

It remains permanently with the worker himself. Organization and individuals should develop and progress simultaneously for their survival and attainment of mutual goals.

Trained workers handle machines safely. Reduce the risk of harm by extensive training of employees who work with dangerous equipment, materials or process. We will get back to you shortly. Joining formalities- take place when a new employee joins the company. It prepares the subordinate to assume the responsibility of superior job in case superior leave the organization.

Their core value of high integrity with a Never-Say-Die approach is ingrained and visible in all their people, practices and processes. Thank you for rating this Product.

The program is all about providing opportunity to the young talent to take up a challenging career in Sales and Marketing after their graduation. Historically, training and development in many organizations have had relatively short term aim of enhancing current on the job performance with the important exception of succession planning arrangement for the potential senior managers of the future.

Action on the following lines needs to be initiated to make training practice effective: Refresher training or retraining. Helps to create a better corporate image. The yearlong training would be mentored by the vastly experience HCL literatrue. Parameters for Training and Development programme were listed.


Improves the morale of the workforce. Ensure that training contributes to competitive strategies of the firm.

literature review of hcl infosystems

Helps to handle stress, tension, frustration and conflict. The choice of any training methods depend upon several factors like cost of training, number of worker, depth of knowledge required, background of the trainees, purpose of training and so on.

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A good company will hone your skills and help you reach new heights. Training develops skill, which serves as valuable personal asset of worker. Through training and development, motivational, variables of recognition, achievement, growth, responsibility and advancement and internalized and operationalised.

Training is not something that is done once to new employees it is used continuously in every well run established.

literature review of hcl infosystems

The sample plan is a distinct phase of the research process. The ingenuineness of this review appears doubtful. It is also save costly machines from being damaged by mishandling of the untrained workers.