On the receiver side, the principles of photodetection and optical receiver sensitivity will be discussed. The lecture concludes with a discussion of future directions of digital communication systems. To qualify for the award of the Master of Professional Engineering in this specialisation, a candidate must complete credit points, including core and elective units of study as listed below. Semester 1,Semester 2 Classes: Year One covers Foundation units only. A revision will be carried out of the use of phasors in steady state ac circuit analysis and of power factor and complex power.

Circuit theory is the electrical engineer’s fundamental tool. This UoS is designed to introduce students to the global context of much of contemporary engineering and the consequent strategic and operational issues. Project Work – own time 8 hrs. Types of electricity grids, radial, mesh, networks. Dr Zihuai Lin Session: The use of three phase systems and their analysis under balanced conditions.

Students must be exposed to professional engineering practice to enable them to develop an engineering approach and ethos, and to gain an appreciation of engineering ethics.

It introduces students to the broad spectrum of satellite communications and lcrre position in the entire telecommunications network; helps students to develop awareness of the key factors affecting a good satellite communications system and theoretical and practical skills in the design of a satellite communications link. It is important that the topic be of sufficient scope and complexity to allow a student to learn their craft and demonstrate their research or design skills. Cell types, coverage, frequency reuse, spectral efficiency, link budget, power budget, traffic capacity.

This unit aims to give students an introduction to the planning and operation of modern electricity grids, also known as “smart” grids. Department permission required for enrolment in sessions 1 and 2.

Successful completion of this unit will facilitate titlds to advanced study or to work in the fields of telecommunications and computer engineering. This Uos is designed courxework develop competence in the management of technology.


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We will then consider light sources and the fundamental principles of laser action in semiconductor and other lasers, and also the characteristics of optical transmitters based on semiconductor and electro-optic modulation techniques.

The concepts learnt in this unit will be heavily used in many units of study in later years in the areas of communication, control, power systems and signal processing.

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The aim of this UoS is to give students an insight and understanding of the environmental and sustainability challenges that Australia and the planet are facing and how these have given rise to the practice of Sustainable Design, Engineering and Management.

The following topics are covered: Butterworth filters, Chebyshev filters, Elliptic filters and impulse invariant design. Direction of thesis work may be titlles by the supervisor or be of an original nature, but in either case the student is responsible for the execution of the practical work and the general layout and content of the thesis itself. It also aims to introduce students the titlles and design techniques lvre circuits involving these discrete devices as well as the integrated circuits.

It provides description of the operation principles and control of these blocks. A basic knowledge of differentiation and integration, differential equations, and linear algebra is assumed. On completion of this unit, students will have acquired programming skills and techniques applicable to the development of software used in areas such as networking, computer engineering, titoes translation, and operating systems.

Performing arithmetic, using complex numbers and mathematical functions.

This subject is designed to support Engineers in the implementation of engineering tasks in the workplace, It addresses the use of quality control and management as well as systems assurance processes. Content will include the challenges of modern management; understanding of the new rules of international competitiveness; effects of globalisation on Australia’s economic performance; the competitiveness of Australian firms; the generation of employment and wealth; the changing requirements of the engineer; the engineer as manager and strategist; the role of innovation in business management; product innovation and commercialisation; IP recognition and management; starting a high-tech company.


It deals with both technical and business aspects tiles sustainable electrical energy systems. Duncan Glover, Mulukutla Courseworm. First degree in Engineering or a related discipline Assessment: Although serving as a general introduction unit, the focus has been placed on scope, time, cost, and integration related issues. This unit focuses on the power market principles and practices.

Competences and experience in engineering obtained during an accepted engineering degree Assessment: Microcells and macrocells, Medium access control: Differential equations, linear algebra, complex variables, analysis of linear circuits.

Unit of study descriptions – Engineering Postgraduate – The University of Sydney

Students who successfully complete this unit will 1 have a broad view of electrical energy conversion systems including transformers, DC machines, induction machines and synchronous machines; 2 be able to analyze and solve problems in transformers and electric machines; 3 have gained confidence in their ability to undertake more advanced study in the power area.

Real time software design. If you are not sure, please contact the instructor. Intensive January,Semester 1,Semester 2 Classes: Ionospheric propagation is discussed and also the the reception efficiency of receiving antennas which allows consideration of coursewor, Transmitter – Receiver ‘Link budget’. It also looks at the huge influence of computer-aided analysis of electric power hitles and the effects of the deregulation of the industry.

lcre coursework titles 2015