Concurrent glucocorticoid and noradrenergic activity shifts instrumental behavior from goal-directed to habitual control. Nature Communications 9, Journal of Cognitive Neuroscience , 29 7 , Neuropsychopharmacology , 43 2 , In addition to the impact of stress on learning and memory, I am interested in the dynamics of memory formation, with a particular focus on memory transformation, updating and reconsolidation, as well as in decision-making and action and their bases in the human brain. NeuroImage , ,

Dehydration does not influence cardiovascular reactivity to behavioural stress in young healthy humans. PsychAuthors Literaturliste von Dr. Journal of Cognitive Neuroscience , 24 7 , Developmental emergence of sparse coding: Journal of Neuroscience , 32 32 ,

lars schwabe dissertation

Psychoneuroendocrinology36 9 Neuropsychologia49 3 Journal of Cognitive Neuroscience24 7 European Journal of Neuroscience45 4 A combination of high stress-induced tense and energetic arousal compensates for impairing effects of stress on memory retrieval in men.

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lars schwabe dissertation

Cerebral Cortex27 2 Neuropsychologia51 4 Biological Psychiatry 74, Journal of Neuroscience37 8 Beta-Adrenergic blockade during reactivation reduces the subjective feeling of remembering associated with emotional episodic memories. Scientific Reports7No.

Close Society login Login with LinkedIn. Stress impairs spatial but not early stimulus-response learning. Corticosteroids operate as a switch between memory systems.

Neurobiology of Learning and Memory99 Implications for treating fear-related disorders. Scholarship of the Nikolaus-Koch Foundation Journal of Neuroscience31 47 Journal of Neuroscience32 32 Trends in Cognitive Sciences 17, Impact of urban upbringing on the re activity of the Hypothalamus-Pituitary-Adrenal axis. Preventing the stress-induced shift from goal-directed to habit action with a beta-adrenergic antagonist.

lars schwabe dissertation

Neurobiology of Learning and Memory90 1 Exogenous cortisol causes a shift from deliberative to intuitive thinking. Stress leads to aberrant hippocampal involvement when processing schema-related information. Psychoneuroendocrinology35 7 Neurobiology of Learning and Memory94 2 Memory dynamics under dissertatioj.

Morphine reward promotes Ccue-sensitive learning: Psychoneuroendocrinology71 Clinical Physiology and Functional Imaging27 5 Simultaneous glucocorticoid and noradrenergic activity disrupts the neural basis of goal-directed action in the human brain.