Sechs Modelle im Sicherheitsvergleich” in German. Customers who buy the TV module also receive a dynamic navigation system and CD-changer. While at the wheel of the Lancia Thesis you can: When the CID battery is flat a problem that is indicated long before it happens by means of a message on the instrument panel display , you can still get into your car using an emergency key in the CID. The sound buzzer is interrupted when the side sensors detect an object approaching for longer than three seconds. Because Lancia decided to complement the class and prestige of its range leader with sophisticated, hidden technology. Sound clarity is also aided by active compressor circuits that ensure the system does not display any distortion, even when the volume is turned up high.

The device detects changes in external light intensity and compares it with a value set by the driver to control exterior lighting activation. Archived from the original on 14 December This is also helped by the use of vocal commands. A similar procedure is used to adjust the specific position assumed by the right-hand rear view mirror whenever reverse is engaged to facilitate parking manoeuvres. The information is transmitted to the control systems present on the car robotised gearbox, live differential which adapt to the concrete situation to guarantee greater safety.

This system makes every manoeuvre comfortable, even parking with minimum load on the steering wheel.

Lancia thesis / Fiat stilo adaptive cruise control – Multiecuscan

It is patently the result of a profound rethinking of Lancia traditions to cater for the future tastes and needs of the most sophisticated and demanding customers.

Retrieved 14 January History of self-driving cars Intelligent transportation system Context-aware pervasive systems Mobile computing Smart, connected products Ubiquitous computing Ambient intelligence Internet of things.


This luxury saloon offers one tyesis the best rear passenger room specifications in its segment thanks to its long wheelbase. By using this site, you agree to the Terms of Use and Privacy Policy. The roof is trimmed with a wool blend cloth and silk. This enables simultaneous activation of the side lights and dipped beams. Driving the new BMW 5 Series”.

lancia thesis radar cruise control

Radar-based sensors can be hidden behind plastic fascias; however, the fascias may look different from a vehicle without the feature. The result is a constant climate, even with significant changes in external conditions. Front and rear parking sensor When thessis, some obstacles located behind the car may be outside the driver’s field of vision or the driver may simply not be able to calculate the distance to a car parked behind.

lancia thesis radar cruise control

Three car silhouettes of different size offer an intuitive guide to distance: A mechanical button beside the cruuise handle or behind it in the back of the car can still be used to open the door when the car battery is flat. Tipo Number made: Thesis Centenario Sportiva for sale on Autoscout The shape is square, but this is no soap-dish.

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Laser-based sensors must be exposed, the sensor a fairly large black box is typically found in the lower grille, offset to one side. Adaptive cruise control by the Insurance Institute for Highway Safety example video. Black or Silver, red leather. The Automatic Headlamp system does not detect the presence of fog and the motorist must therefore turn on the lights if visibility is poor. This Air Quality Sensor AQS allows the occupants of the Lancia Thesis to breathe clean air at all times, even when driving through town or in traffic jams and tunnels.


The Lancia Dialogos is easy to drive. Archived from the original PDF on 18 January The adaptivity function allows the cushion and backrest to adapt to the occupant’s physical shape.

Let’s take a look in detail. The central monitor is used for seeing behind the car to eliminate blind spots.

The Dialogos looks for all the world like a sculpture. The opportunity to live in an environment that is simultaneously ideal microclimate and living room while also offering a stress-free drive. A careful use of rounded edges mixed with smoother sections produces a stylistic language that is unusual, but also well-proportioned and continuous.

Predict systems modify speed based on predictions of other vehicles’ behavior. These devices are produced in conjunction with Hella, a leading European company and offer the best possible light quality and excellent efficiency under all atmospheric conditions.

LANCIA THESIS – Advanced technology at the service of in-car well-being

When they are raxar, they assume different colours for different functions due to the led light emission. In poor visibility conditions fog, rain or snowthe anticollision radar is extremely useful. With ‘Drive Me’, customers can ask the Contact Centre for their destination simply by giving the name of a person or company: Conventional seats have been replaced by armchairs.

lancia thesis radar cruise control

Vehicle-to-vehicle V2V Connected car Automotive navigation system.