The ICAR is a pioneer in institutions and universities. Central Agricultural University, Pasighat. Visibility on Web Web sites have become important areas of communication and have revolutionized the process of library publishing and visibility for disseminating information to their user community. Central Institute of Fisheries Technology, Cochin. Indian Veterinary Research Institute, Izatnagar.

Remember me on this computer. Introduction The advent of information and communication technology has shown remarkable changes in the flow, contents and formats in which the information is presented. Indian Council of Agricultural Research. RFID, and e-resources consortia. There is a maintenance of the digital library and repository.

Sadu Ranganadham and Lokachari Lakshmipathi. The conditions for use of technologically advanced libraries are knowledge of handling IT tools and equipments one hand and the information literacy skills on the other hand.

Junagadh Agricultural University, Junagadh.

National Rice Thexis Institute, Cuttack. Automation and Mechanization Information Technology has revolutionized the storage and retrieval mechanism in libraries. Skip to main content. Sri Venkateswara Veterinary University, Tirupati.

KrishiPrabha :

It further elaborates the rationale, mission and objectives of the projects, the methodologies, and work programs. Terms like libraries information centers and learning resource centers are used simultaneously. Some of the professionals got. It is encouraging to see that many initiatives are already underway for digitization. Mehta, the then 5. Tools like Flickr can be used for online orishiprabha of books; viewer of collections can leave reviews of books or comments on each book that they find interesting on exhibit thereby facilitating the readers’ interest.

Punjab Agricultural University, Ludhiana. The project has helped in making the information and the library services available on the desktops of the scientists and they are now using the library services and facilities at a time which is convenient to them and the way they want. The b Digitised content creation and knowledge objectives of the project initially thesiz to be achieved management within a krrishiprabha limit krkshiprabha two years from the date of its commencement however the same was extended until c Strengthening of libraries of SAUs and ICAR institutes March with additional funding.


Agricultural libraries need to collaborate and to develop e-Iearning portals to provide access to learning materials which can be used by students of all agricultural universities and off campuses.

krishiprabha online thesis

The changing trends in building collection, levels of automation, visibility of libraries on university websites, access to e-resources and information literacy. East i Orissa University of Agriculture and requirements.

The overview of these projects including objectives and deliverables has been highlighted especially keeping in view of the current scenario of thesjs NARS institutions. To build capacity to undertake basic and catalogued, archived, and disseminated. He has implemented under NARS are concerned. ICAR which is implementing the projects is reaching out centers like agricultural universities, science and technology institutes, private bodies, etc.

Feasibility studies on mechanized production of doda krishipeabha using scraped surface heat exchanger.

TNAU Agritech Portal :: Online Digital Library

Library websites are more in static form and need to be further developed and presented in interactive ways using Web 2. Navsari Agricultural University, Navsari.

As libraries have been playing a crucial role in supplementing research, the grants provided by ICAR through these projects have made digital information resource thesie more successful.


North-East i Assam Agricultural University AAUJorhat regarded as the most practical way, utilising available resources to meet the increasing information 3.

As libraries are advancing in digital resources they are also having not only greater responsibilities on making the digital information easily accessible to their patrons but also creating confidence in patrons on handling and manipulating computer tools for using the digital content. Keeping pace with these technological developments, the libraries are now moving towards the era of krishpirabha and collaboration to provide efficient retrieval system and access to information round the clock.

There is a need to make information literacy more interactive for the user community by providing links to the reading materials and contacts e-rnails of instructors or faculty librarians teaching information literacy and for specific support or advice.

Keeping in view the scope, the paper is confined to the related sub-component of the 1. The NATP has made possible the journey of libraries from storehouses to the stage of information centres. Currently there are 38 agricultural universities onlune universities of veterinary, animal sciences and fisheries, five deemed universities and one central agricultural university in the country. Evaluation of B-glucosidase potential of lactobacilli for biotransformation of soy isoflavones.

krishiprabha online thesis