The Volunteers of the MMJH Choir department work as a team of parents to help support the director s and students of the McMeans Junior High Choir through activities, fundraising and other opportunities as needed by the choir. Music and Social Movement. Students are expected to stay until the end of all choir concerts. I understand what constitutes an excused vs. Why would I need to see my school email?

To facilitate this, please be sure to provide us with a working email that you check daily. Any conflict must be submitted to the Director in writing by a parent as soon as a conflict is evident, at least one full week prior to the event. Quoted from page 3: Rehearsing or performing with missing choir members is comparable to playing the piano with missing keys. The Choir Director may not, under any circumstances, drive your child home.

I understand that the Director will value my input and should be the first point of contact whenever concerns involving the choir program arise. Points are deducted for misbehaviors and inappropriate deportment or etiquette. Click here for Cathedral Press Release. Please save the contact information below and bookmark the following websites. No prior knowledge is necessary for this group, and we introduce choral singing homwwork by step, emphasizing the importance of vocal health.

A non-school activity is not a valid excuse for missing a choral program or contest. Community businesses are eager to donate to local organizations! If you are selected for one of the Region Honor Choirs you will be given additional music and will perform with other students from around the greater Houston area.


Homeeork Choir event To find useful links All emails which include all the permission slips that are sent to the parents are also sent to the students. The McMeans Choir Spirit Shirt is the official choir shirt and is worn during in-school events and off-campus trips.

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Long hair should be pulled up and away from the face. Thank you for your time and support of the McMeans Choir.

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Please see attached guidelines for program advertisements, which are available for donors contributing at the Gold, Diamond and Platinum levels. Parents will be able to purchase tickets at a later date from the choir Director.

14-15 MMJH Handbook – Katy Independent School District

I understand that my child must be picked up within 15 minutes of the published and scheduled time, and I further homeworm that the Director may call KISD police or whoever has jurisdiction.

Please ensure that this is a separate check from any other fees.

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Major League Baseball venues. Students will sign them out and return them at the end of the year. Swimming, Pizza, and a drink Fee: This class moves at a fast pace, and participates in concerts and contests throughout the year.

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Fine Arts Swim Party Fee: Included in Supplies Fee This shirt will be new every year. Galveston — Schiltterbahn Water Park Date: Your generosity provides opportunities for students that they would otherwise not have!


This class focuses on the needs of the changing voice. Students will only receive their spirit shirts once their Supplies fee has been paid in full. You are also welcome to purchase extra shirts for other family members: Verbal Warning, student conference, parent contact, entry on discipline long form and office referral Students may not chew gum at any time in the choir room or on a choir sponsored event.

Friday, January 9th, Fee: It is a great honor to be chosen to sing as a member of the Region 23 Honor Choirs. All students are required to have a spirit shirt.

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Students can be excused from a required event after contact between the parent and director has occurred. Our Program Objectives are Students who do not perform for this kkaty will be graded accordingly. I also understand that the Director is obliged to inform me within a reasonable amount of time if additional events beyond the ones listed on the calendar must be scheduled.

All forms MUST be on file before any student may travel with the choir.