The candidate was disqualified from the whole qualification penalty 7 , and barred from sitting any examinations with the awarding body for one year penalty 9. Due to the confidential nature of many allegations of malpractice, we only communicate with the Head of Centre unless they have provided written authority for us to communicate with a delegated member of staff. This sanction applies only to NVQs and similarly assessed and verified qualifications. Once we receive a report of suspected malpractice, we will assess whether to: The sketchbook had been missing for 4 days. Candidate malpractice If you discover any irregularity in the internally assessed components of examinations before a candidate has signed the declaration of authentication, you don’t need to report this to us. GCSE Art and Design The centre reported that a candidate disrupted the examination by throwing a pencil at another candidate three desks away.

A component is more often a feature of linear qualifications than a unitised qualification, and so this penalty can be regarded as an alternative to penalty 4. In such cases communications will be with such other person nominated to investigate the matter by the relevant awarding body, such as the Chair of Governors. The invigilator asked the candidate to switch off the phone. This penalty can only be applied to qualifications which are unitised. The teacher had told the centre that she was aware of all the requirements for conducting the Speaking Test.

Centre staff malpractice 31 Part 2: The candidate was warned penalty 1.

Calaméo – Exam Malpractice Guide

Procedures for dealing with allegations of malpractice 3. She was also advised to contact the subject officer for further advice warning. The prevention of malpractice when undertaking exams and assessments has long been a focus for the Joint Council for Qualifications JCQ. Notice to Centres — release of general qualification results June examinations. Their presence — to identify candidates, address any disruptive behaviour — may be required but this needs to be maplractice beforehand.


jcq coursework malpractice

Instructions for conducting coursework version published April ; version published March This penalty usually allows the candidate to aggregate or request certification in that series, albeit with a reduced mark or grade. In malpracrice case, however, there was evidence that the candidate had done some work of his own.


In such cases the awarding body will advise the head of centre in writing that it proposes to deal directly with the candidate. Statements from the candidates spoken to revealed that she had given advice about particular responses. Each candidate denied wrongdoing.

This penalty is only available if the qualification is unitised. The candidate admitted breaching examination rules. No supporting evidence was provided coursedork the college. The Committee may be assisted by malpractie awarding body member of staff.

jcq coursework malpractice

The awarding body decided that there were serious concerns about the senior management within the centre. If evidence comes to light some considerable time after the offence, a sanction or penalty may still be applied to the series in which the offence was committed and later series. Once policies are devised they should updated on an annual basis. This was regarded as a minor disruption and the candidate was given a warning penalty 1.


Some units also have components, in which case a level of penalty between numbers 2 and 4 is possible. Throughout all academic years highlight the consequences of bad behaviour in the exam room with examples of awarding body sanctions such as a mobile phone on their person, ringing in an exam, and the impact that this may have upon all other exams taken.


An awarding body will not be liable for any professional fees coursedork. Our Investigations Team will review the documentation that you provide and advise you on the next steps. Members of staff quickly realised that the piece submitted was that of another pupil, candidate B. For example, there is a contradiction in the evidence provided by the candidate and the centre, or the centre is suspected of non-compliance with the regulations.

There was evidence of an added sentence. The memory stick was confiscated approximately 30 minutes into the examination, and found coursfwork contain a large amount of material related to the GCSE History examination. Additional guidance For more information about malpractice in vocational qualifications, see the ‘Centre guidance for dealing with malpractice’ document in the Policies section.

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jcq coursework malpractice

The agreed level of sanction or penalty for a particular jcw is set out in Appendices 3 and 4. She briefly spoke to another candidate who had just completed the Media Studies examination. It is possible that the evidence in some cases may be inconclusive, but the awarding body may decline to accept the work of the candidates in order to protect the integrity of the qualification for the majority.

Making the decision 8. It came to light that a candidate had removed his own sketchbook without permission after the deadline for coursdwork. Related publications Share Embed Add to favorites Comments.