She presented her work in many National and International conferences. Tech in Mechanical Engineering from C. Krishna Prasad, this work was published in the journal Applied Physics Letters. Sourabh has one year experience being research assistant at National Centre for Nanosciences and Nanotechnology funded by Pharmaceutical Company. Ravi Jagadeeshan to do computational studies on polymers in the semi-dilute regime. He is also passionate about numismatics and travelling. Tuncay Alan Monash University.

He has published two papers in international journals. Her area of interest is the subject of Electrochemical energy storage systems, Electrocatalysis in Nanomaterials and Electrochemical sensors. Ruchi has completed her B. Tech in Mechanical Engineering from the University of Calicut. At the time of interview, they may ask for following documents:. Rajesh Deka has completed his Bachelors degree with honours in chemistry in the year from B. The “Application summary”, which is generated in the portal in PDF format and which can be printed out after the online application procedure is completed; please send 1 copy to the application address Two references from university teachers which provide information about your qualifications.

She worked as a science communicator in science express. Her hobbies include playing Badminton. In her leisure time, she loves reading, making artefacts, doodling, journaling, doing street plays and skits.

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Mark Thompson Monash University. Singh, he gained exposure to COMSOL Multiphysics and numerical modelling in the process of pursuing studies pertaining to shale gas and hydraulic fracturing.


Catalysis, he believes is an emerging field, which is potent enough thesos revolutionize synthesis. He is currently pursuing his Ph. Project Title — Investigation of induced seismicity in CO2 enhanced oil recovery.

While studying in the undergraduate and post graduate courses he got acquainted with the practical aspects thesix the subject and got motivated to pursue his PhD in chemistry. In her leisure time she likes to play table tennis, badminton and enjoys listening to Music.

Over the next 3 years, she worked as Senior SOFC materials engineer in frontiers of solid oxide fuel cell research on various developmental projects in electrodes, electrochemical processes and their reliability testing for Bloom Energy, California.

He then completed his M. Mohan Krishnamoorthy from Monash University. Aditya completed fomat M. Later he joined Symbiosis International University to pursue M. Sir Visvesvaraya Phd scheme: Shamayeeta did her B.

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Her interests include reading, dancing, iigb, photography and listening to music. His project involves numerical modeling as well as experimental analysis of laser cladding technology for thermo-mechanical and metallurgical stress analysis on structures subjected to repair.

He has published 12 research papers in international journals of high impact published by Elsevier, RSC publishing, etc. Sarat Chandran and Prof.


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Biomedical Engineering, Human Computer Interaction 4. She has worked on identifying novel pigmentation genes for 6months before joining Research Academy.

Form filling starts from October-November for winter admission and from March-April for summer. There only he developed his research interests in Geomechanics. Reading spiritual books and practicing meditation are some of his leisure.

iitb phd thesis format

Ajay Nair did his M. He likes listening to music and lately experimenting in cooking.

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Apart from research my interests also lies in music, dancing and reading novels. Rajiv completed his B. I also have a year of research experience tjesis research assistant at IIT- Bombay. Apart from her geeky side, she enjoys being outdoors, swimming, water sports, trekking, loves travelling, reading and talking.

She likes travelling, trekking, gardening, cooking and reading. IIT Gandhinagar is looking for bright and dedicated young scholars interested in research to join us as Ph. Hoam Chung, Monash University. Currently, he is pursuing PhD under the joint supervision of Dr.