Where the component entry code has two digits, the irst digit is the component number given in the syllabus. Samples database The samples database explains everything you need to know about administering coursework, speaking test and examined coursework components. Use the database to find out: For teachers at registered Cambridge schools a range of additional support materials for speciic syllabuses is available from Teacher Support, our secure online support for Cambridge teachers. The changing role of people in the

Aims 7, 8 and 11 are intended as general course outcomes, but are not directly assessed in the examination. The Investigation data acquisition, analysis, presentation 3: Teachers may give assistance by: Analysing data Marks available 5—6 Thorough interpretation, discerning patterns of cause and effect and recognising limitations of data 3—4 Valid, straightforward interpretation, discerning some patterns of cause and effect 1—2 Mainly descriptive, with limited interpretation Assessment Objective C: This may be deined as Development that meets the needs of the present without compromising the ability of future generations to meet their own needs. Packing and despatching samples transcript. For examined coursework, instead of submitting samples you submit the work of all your candidates to us.

Teachers may give assistance by: The oceans at risk These assessment objectives will mainly be covered in the Resources and Development elements of the syllabus. Population management rates and structures Examples of such components include: The relationship between environment and development is dynamic.


Phase 3 – Teacher assessment

A range of research techniques should be considered e. Elements of soil earthquake and volcanic zones 2. Once you have checked the samples database, you need to pack your candidates’ work correctly and send it to us so that it arrives before the deadline.

igcse evm coursework

Candidates who are unable to access the assessment of any component may be eligible to receive an award based on the parts of the assessment they have taken. This syllabus is also available for examination in March for India only.

View the preventing and identifying plagiarism page for more information. The outline should give an indication of the types of project which are proposed and list a few different projects as examples, with a brief statement of the purpose and the investigation strategies likely to be used for these wvm.

Cambridge IGCSE Environmental Management ()

Teachers should be aware of the links between different parts of the matrix and by using suitable cross references they should emphasise environmental interdependence. Assessment at a glance Go to our other sites.

igcse evm coursework

Syllabus for examination in and Grade A The candidate has demonstrated the ability to: However, the extent of guidance during data collection, analysis and the writing of the report must be taken into account when marks are awarded.


A Knowledge with understanding Candidates are expected to demonstrate knowledge and understanding of: A core principle of the syllabus is that sustainability will only be achieved by changes in the ways in which people think and make decisions. Action on the atmosphere of the atmosphere and climate Cambridge will reply to Centres as quickly as possible to inform them coursewwork the suitability of the types of projects proposed.

A course in Environmental Management therefore calls upon young people to be participants in deining the future of their world. The purpose of this exercise is provide advice and support.

This syllabus is available to private candidates. Email us at info cie. Packing and despatching samples transcript. Click here to sign up.

For specific syllabuses and components, centres need to submit samples digitally. Given the limit on number of words the following approximate balance is recommended. All candidates should be able to analyse For extra guidance submitting coursework and speaking tests, watch our video and download our poster.

We encourage Cambridge learners to be: Many environmental issues, e.