It is especially useful for fine tuning individual units and for optimizing your entire plant. Complete the spec as shown in the following figure. Before proceeding, you should taking care of a few features of this simulation window: The following color code for material streams on the flowhseet indicates whether HYSYS has enough information to completely characterize the stream: On the Exported Connections Page, you have a number of options for the default values connected with the template when you import it as a sub-flowsheet.

Crude oil contains complex mixtures which are very difficult to handle, meter, or transport. The streams were then connected to unit operations. For this task, use the following information alongside details provided earlier: From Figure , the warning red message bar at the bottom of the window indicating that we need an energy stream. To do this analysis, do the following:

Tools and Tricks

Of course, with the ability to use different property packages in different sections of the plant, the problem of passing information from one region pops up. Switch to the Parameters page. Once you select the Select TS… button, a window should pop up as shown in Figure Thus this vapour residual is further cooled to oC to decrease its vapour fraction pressure drop across cooler 10 kPa and the cooled stream fed into a 2 phase separator flash drum.

Open the Worksheet and specify the temperature of Pre-Heat stream to F. You’ve probably noted acse I have yet to discuss or include in my examples, the means by which you should actually go about making a template.


Before beginning this chapter, the users need to know how to: The Compressor operation is used to increase 84. pressure of an inlet gas stream. Enter the necessary information as shown: Make all the selection as shown and then click OK. For example, select Peng-Robinson property package for your simulation.

hysys simulation case study

In the section results, you can see the diameter and the height of the section. Hence, if the hydrogen is produced from hywys or alcohol reforming, purification is required in order to reduce the CO levels to cell requirements. For this case, no information is supplied on the last page of the Input Expert, so click the Done button.

To fulfill these expectations, chemical process industries are renewed, redesigned, hyssy rebuilt, i. Aspen Simulation Workbook – aspentech. Installing the Mixer The first operation is a Mixer, used to combine the two feed streams. Select Column Component Ratio as the specification type and provide the following information: It is within shudy window that the user specifies the temperature of the stream. In the Model Details group, click in the Vessel Volume cell.

hysys 8.4 case study

I have prepared an example demonstrating the importance of choosing the correct Transfer Basis. During an initial setup, the components and the fluids package that will be used will be selected. If it should happen that you created a subflowsheet from scratch that you really want to turn into a template, the work around is to save the file under a new name, eliminate everything from the flowsheet except the sub-flowsheet and the streams directly connected to it.


At a fundamental level, the comprehensive selection of operations and property methods allows you to model a wide range of processes with confidence.

hysys simulation case study

Case Studies Hysys – Free download as At the Conditions page, complete the page as shown in the Figure Supply the following information to the Pressure Estimates page. Figure Next, the warning yellow message bar indicates that you need to specify the input temperature for this stream.

The second part of this chapter was about how to enter and re-enter the simulation environment, and get familiar with simulation flowsheet.


hysys 8.4 case study

You are also should be to analyze the process property using Case Studies. Case study trong hysys, case, setting up component lists and fluid packages, and working in the simulation. The user also been trained on how to connect streams to unit operations such as pump. A drop down menu box will appear in the window.

PUMP 37 Figure To show you how this may be done, I am putting a short example right here.