Diuretics are considered first-line medications for uncomplicated stage I or II hypertension and may be used alone or in association with other drugs such as beta-blockers to reduce BP in patients with relatively normal renal function. Nausea and vomiting 3. When hypertension is due to pheochromocytoma, removal of the tumor will correct condition. Any drug that contains a sympathetic nervous stimulant may increase BP or counteract antihypertensive effects. This is due to the non-progression of a matured ovum through the fallopian tube and got fertilized b a sperm cell.

Monitor the following for it indicates the severity of the case, leading to the precise diagnosis and plan of care:. You have entered an incorrect email address! Transports the fetus during delivery. Previous surgeries such as tubal surgery and inflammatory diseases such as endometriosis and PID pelvic inflammatory disease are also great contributory factors. Review clients at risk as noted in Related Factors as well as individuals with conditions that stress the heart. Angiotensin-converting enzyme ACE inhibitors: African-American patients tend to be less responsive to beta-blockers in general and may require increased dosage or use of another drug monotherapy with a diuretic.

Stress or depression may be increasing the effects of an illness, or depression might be the result of being forced into inactivity.

Ectopic Pregnancy Case Study

Compliance usually improves when patient understands causative factors and consequences of inadequate intervention and health maintenance. Sudden acute lower abdominal pain 2. Instruct patient to consult healthcare provider before taking other cass or over-the-counter OTC medications. Ectopic pregnancy is the abnormal implantation of a fertilized ovum anywhere outside the uterine cavity or normal site of implantation.

Hypertension Nursing Care Plans: 6 Nursing Diagnosis – Nurseslabs

Save my name, email, and website in this browser for the next time I comment. Maintain activity restrictions bedrest or chair rest ; schedule periods of uninterrupted rest; assist patient with self-care activities as needed. Two years on a moderate low-salt diet may be sufficient to control mild hypertension or reduce the amount of medication required. Avoiding foods high in saturated fat and cholesterol sstudy important in preventing progressing atherogenesis.


6 Hypertension Nursing Care Plans

Contact Privacy Policy Disclaimer. The overall goal of management of ectopic pregnancy is to preserve the life of the mother. Prepare for surgery when indicated.

If patient does not accept the reality of a life-threatening condition requiring continuing treatment, lifestyle and behavioral changes will not be initiated or sustained. Diuretics can deplete potassium levels. Here are six 6 nursing diagnosis for hypertension nursing care plans: Define and state the limits of desired BP.

This is the absolute way to free the mother or woman of further complications, besides, the implantation in on undesired environment for growth and development. Nurse on a Date. Dull pain on affected side in some cases.

Adequate information and understanding that side effects mood changes, initial weight gain, dry mouth are common and often subside with time can enhance cooperation with treatment plan. The types of ectopic pregnancy is based on the site of implantation. Manifestations of maladaptive coping mechanisms may be indicators of repressed anger and have been found to be major determinants of diastolic BP.

Ectopic Pregnancy Case Study

Recommend avoiding hot baths, steam rooms, and saunas, especially with concomitant use of alcoholic beverages. Response to drug therapy usually consisting of several drugs, including diureticsangiotensin-converting enzyme [ACE] inhibitors, vascular smooth muscle relaxants, beta and calcium channel blockers is dependent on both the individual as well as the synergistic effects of the drugs.


Aids in determining individual need for adjustment and teaching. These risk factors have been shown to contribute to hypertension and cardiovascular and renal disease.

Provide information regarding community resources, and support patient in making lifestyle changes. Provides basis for understanding elevations of BP, and clarifies syock used medical terminology. African-American patients tend to be less responsive to beta-blockers in general and may require increased dosage or use of another drug monotherapy with a diuretic. Specific actions of these drugs vary, but they generally reduce BP through the combined effect of decreased total peripheral resistance, reduced cardiac output, inhibited sympathetic activity, and suppression of renin release.

These provides information on its severity and serves as the basis of the treatment plan.

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Notify me of new posts by email. Since the termination of pregnancy is inevitable, the overall goal of nursing management is the provision of supportive care and shockk teachings towards the loss of pregnancy. Ultimate Guide and Database. Vaginal bleeding scanty and dark.

hypovolemic shock case study scribd

Provide calm, restful hypobolemic, minimize environmental activity and noise. Dietary replacement is more palatable than drug supplements and may be all that is needed to correct deficit.