Predicted by the National Hurricane centre and they gave a very accurate plot of the Hurricanes track and expected landfall, not far from New Orleans. FEMA provided housing assistance rental assistance, trailers, etc. The responses to Hurricane Sandy were very varied. There was a shortage of food and conditions were unhygienic. Image courtesy of NOAA. Approximately 58, National Guard personnel were activated to deal with the storm’s aftermath, with troops coming from all 50 states.

Coggle requires JavaScript to display documents. This was because they either wanted to protect their property or they could not afford to leave. New Orleans Background New Orleans has always been vulnerable to flooding, it sits by Lake Pontchartrain and the Mississippi river for a start. A map of the maximum wind speeds which were recorded during the Hurricane Katrina episode is shown. In contrast to this, the USA, a richer country, invested more in tropical storm prediction, planning and protection.

hurricane katrina case study medc

Take a look at our new resources in the shop Dismiss. Investments made in flood prevention and coastal protection schemes such as sea walls will be essential.

Tornadoes Hurricanes can create tornadoes.

A simulation exercise one year before the storm revealed this, but was not acted upon. Over people were killed.

Case Study – Hurricane Katrina

Flooding Hurricanes can cause the sea level around them to rise, this effect is called a storm surge. Most of the surviver would have casr home insurance nor the money to return and rebuild. Residual waters contained a mix of raw sewage, bacteria, heavy metals, pesticides, toxic chemicals and oil which sparked fears in the scientific community of massive number of fish dying. Vast quantities of materials, such as sandbags, were airlifted in by the army and air force and the levees were eventually repaired and strengthened.


In contrast to this, the USA, a richer country, invested more in tropical storm prediction, planning and protection. Some residents of New Orleans are no longer able to get home insurance to cover them from the impact of hurricanes.

More than 18, flights were cancelled leading to disruptions in business, tourism and trade. Hurricane Katrina was an extremely destructive and deadly Category 5 hurricane. Cars sit submerged in water on a flooded street kateina Hoboken, New Jersey. This is because it lies below sea level and is protected by levees.

Hurricane Sandy, a tropical storm occurring in Octoberstarted life off the coast of West Africa. Aftermath The broken levees were repaired by engineers and the flood water in the streets of New Orleans took several months to drain away.

hurricane katrina case study medc

The United States also had a military on-scene response on Sunday, August The government was criticized for its slow response and lacked of coordination. Map of America showing highest wind speeds.

Hurricane Katrina Case Study

Careful consideration needs to be given to the use of land particularly in low-lying areas. Government was criticised for the slow response. The wetlands medx the Mississippi delta that used to protect New Orleans have diminished in size because they have been drained and because they are starved of sediment because the Mississippi river is so heavily embanked against flooding it stops erosion upstream which prevents deposition downstream.

Massive tree loss along the Gulf Coast, especially in Louisiana’s Medf River Basin and among bottomland hardwood forests. Hurricane Katrina began as a very low pressure weather system, which strengthened to become a tropical storm and eventually a hurricane as it moved west and neared the Florida coast on the evening of 25 August Hurricane Katrina also produced a lot of rainfall, which also contributed to the flooding. People were highly stressed and anxious. Many people were totally traumatised.


Although the USA is one of the wealthiest developed countries in the world, it highlighted that when a disaster is large enough, even very developed countries struggle to cope. Katrina damaged and destroyed 30 oil platforms and caused the closure of nine refineries. The poorest and most vulnerable were left behind.

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Census Bureau, the state of Louisiana showed a population decline of , or 4. During the early stages of the recovery process, the UK government sent food aid. One of the first challenges in the aftermath of the flooding was to repair the broken levees. New Orleans Background New Orleans has always been vulnerable to flooding, it sits by Lake Pontchartrain hudricane the Mississippi river for a start.

Most of the transportation yurricane communication networks servicing New Orleans were damaged or disabled by the flooding, and tens of thousands of people who had not evacuated the city prior to landfall became stranded with little access to food, shelter or basic necessities.