These situations show that he is overconfident and a bit stupid. The following are some wonderful example paragraphs for this potential essay question for the play. Throughout the play, Priestley presents Mr Birling as a clear representation of the patriarchal upper class. Of course, keeping labour costs down increases his own profits. It also has connotations of a human body, because if one part of the body, such as the heart, was to stop working the whole of the body would shut down.

When it seems that the Inspector might have been an imposter he is overjoyed and mocks the others for having been ‘tricked’ by the investigation. The play has naturalistic conversation all the way through, to make it seem real, like you could be there. Mr Birling makes some old-fashioned and patronising points about women and how they view clothes and appearance. Looking for more help? Check it out goo.

Priestley wrote An Inspector Calls inbut critically, set it injust before the outbreak of World War One, and in the year of the Titanic’s sinking. If you contact us after hours, we’ll get back to you in 24 hours callls less. Study resources Family guide University advice. He is trapped in a limited world where business is more important clls people are and men in authority and business stick together to unite in making money.

Priestley wrote the play “An Inspector Calls”. Whats a useful tool for analysing the speaker of a text?


Not just something to wear – and not only something to make ’em look prettier. Edwardian society at that time was strictly divided into social classes.

The audience lose trust in him as a character.

Finally Mr Birling declares that ‘It’s a free country’meaning that the girls could work elsewhere. Birling is one of the most stubborn characters in the play, and refuses to back down to the Inspector when it is suggested that he is to blame for Eva’s death.

Everywhere workers are demanding more pay and priesley conditions.

Priestley present Mr. Birling Essay

It is clear here that Mr Birling is driven by money, he is a capitalist. Ultimately, he reminds the audience that their decisions and behaviour have consequences which need to be carefully considered. He emphasises that Sybil is ‘his’ wife suggesting that he sees her cslls a possession.

how does priestley present mr birling in an inspector calls essay

Answered by Hannah R. Birling thinks he can. Priestley does this by the naturalistic setting of the He expressed many of these views to the public, in the form of a book, by the name edsay ‘inspector calls’. Fill in your details below or click an icon to log in: But it also has surreal elements; for example; the inspectors name is Inspector Goole.

Mr Birling is the head of the Birling household.

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You are commenting using your Google account. Mr Birling is a business man whose main concern is making money.


how does priestley present mr birling in an inspector calls essay

Main Body of the essay developed paragraphs all sharply referring back to the above concept: Looking for more help? Sorry, but copying text is forbidden on this website! Search our library of answers.

How does Priestley present the character of Mr Birling in An Inspector Calls?

me Notify me of new comments via email. Need help with English? Mr Birling is confident that there will not be a war, saying that ‘there isn’t a chance of war’ and then repeating this idea when he considers it ‘impossible’. How about receiving a customized one?

This is what is most important to him and he comes across as being greedy.

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How does Priestley convey his message, We are responsible for each esxay, in his play An Inspector Calls Essay Words 5 Pages An Inspector calls was written in but was set in a period still known as the Edwardian era. He is very traditional in his views.

how does priestley present mr birling in an inspector calls essay

Furthermore the play follows a middle class family and discusses there respectability and questions whether respectability is directly proportional to morality.