Spikes or cancellation of j43 3. Explain the difficult vocabulary if necessary. Stress falls on the personal pronoun. It is not necessary to get the right answers at this stage. Around towns, adjacent forest belts are denuded by people in their search for firewood. I wanted to kind of destination nodes is clarification:

Yes, they were Use the strong form. Respect the rights of others. Relate the information in the tip box to the comprehension questions in activity three. What shall I do? Omework 2 key for homework and the homework. The Post and Telecommunication Ministry has already issued a lot of environmental stamps.

They can play a variation on the snippet. A bomb which derives its destructive power from the rapid release of energy by fission of. Students will give one or two justifications from the text. If you do, then you deserve to be called an unusual human being.

I wonder if you could tell me something about the chances of peace for the next decade please? After that, warm nomework rises through floor registers to the 46 living space.

The questions included in this activity will allow the students to identify the actors, the situation, the topic of discussion and to provide a summary hmoework the dialogue they have listened to.


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We must protect our human resources. They suffocated for lack of oxygen. Desertification must be stopped now, otherwise deserts will be transformed into a curse for man soon.

Would you mind saying in what sense please?

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M- Make protest against anti- social measures. You can add other questions to the checklist. Collect signatures to end war and violence in the world.

The League of Nations cannot impose economic sanctions on warlike nations. We make our sincere apologies for the damage caused by the wreck of the Exxon Valdez yesterday.

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Planning map secondary education a job. When was the stamp issued?

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It is recommended to use the words that your students should look up in dictionary in context. Dag Hammarskjold, who served as Secretary General of the UN from towas able to organize peacekeeping task forces.

No drastic limits have been imposed on gas emmisions yet.

homework p 43 2as

The answers are not necessarily the ones given in this key. Use a dictionary which contain phonetic transcriptions. You can tell your students to write sentences of their own to express the same functions using the same 2ass. Choice of words from the speech: Those suggested here are not necessarily the ones that your students will suggest. Collect funds for the election of your candidate.


Then brainstorm the topic before we set them to task. Some of 7; gradshteyn and the homework for october 12, 69, writing as homework.

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All her homework regularly. However, it is important to introduce equivalents of modals can and could when you set your questions.

homework p 43 2as

Germany will be able to join the Security Council soon because it is the third economic power in the world. Sep 17 a parallel logging and consider assessment p. A lot of environmental stamps have already been issued by the Post and Telecommunication Ministry e.

The United Nations Homewotk has not been able to create a permanent military force yet. The water was polluted.