The teacher first presents a series of photos and a digital story addressing the question, How does government affect my life from the time I get up until the time I go to bed? Their specific assignment is to prepare a chart that shows all the ways government regulations affect their lives and bring it to class for an upcoming discussion. Homework Done Right Trade Paperback Powerful Learning in Real-Life Situations. Rather, they will be combined with opportunities for students to apply skills in real-life situations.

Because meaningful assignments often look and feel different from the traditional assignments that parents are familiar with, set the tone early by communicating to families how valuable these assignments will be for their children and for the classroom learning community. As the fear of “one right answer” dissipates, all students will begin to contribute and may become respected in new ways by their peers. Parents will be encouraged to participate in homework by adding their views, opinions, observations, or sharing their experiences. Here are some important concepts to note: All of these student homework assignments serve as essential preparation for the unit’s culminating classroom debate on the question, Does our government have too much power? Michigan time, what time would I need to place the call in Zurich? In one 4th grade class, students and their families create real-life math problems.

Hmoework book is filled with concrete examples across grade levels that demonstrate the process of matching assignments to the goals and major understandings associated with specific course content.

Prior to becoming a full-time student, Botwinski served as a high school social studies teacher in west Michigan.

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All too often, the homework that we ask students to do is neither memorable nor meaningful. This will not be considered cheating!

Regardless of abilities, socioeconomic status, or cultural background, all students can be equally involved in the assignment and the class discussion that follows. Let’s look at a few examples. In a social studies class, the goals for a new unit of study are that students will Understand and appreciate the value and importance of government in helping people get along, keeping them safe, and protecting individual and public property.


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Students whose families speak little English can also easily carry out this assignment by interviewing family members in their primary language. Imagine working diligently to complete an assignment, toiling over the details of the task, bringing it to school on time, and carefully placing it in the homework basket.

Another class is beginning a math unit on measurements. The department allemaj education makes sure teachers have the proper preparation, that suitable instructional materials are available, that there are a certain number of school days every year, and that students have access to certain curriculum materials such as the approved textbook series.

Early in the school year, teachers should communicate their vision regarding homework, including its purpose, their expectations for students, ways families can contribute, and how homework products will be used in class. During the following week, the students look for examples in the media television, newspapers, and magazines and add them to their charts. Rob Ley has taught third and fourth grade in both urban and suburban districts.

Students will naturally differentiate this assignment for themselves—some may be able to interview just a family member or two; others may interview 20 people and even visit a local recycling center, going far beyond what a traditional homework task would have required.

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The homework assignments will be aligned with existing curricular goals. September Giving Students Meaningful Work. Sign up and get a free eBook!


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The students collect the problems into a classroom math book, which they not only use themselves but also share with other classes. In addition to serving on a host of committees at the state and national levels, she has been a classroom and television teacher, actively working in school settings, and has taught at over a dozen international sites.

Price may vary by retailer. Her comment is, The government has created the Departments of Commerce and Agriculture and Food and Drug Administration to ensure that all food items that we consume are inspected to make sure they are safe.

Powerful Learning in Real-Life Situations. Families’ approaches to their children’s school and homework seem to fall into two extreme categories: By clicking ‘Sign me up’ I acknowledge that I have read and agree to the privacy policy and terms of use.

homework done right janet alleman

In these situations, homework tasks may only highlight student deficits. One family comes up with the following problem: What is the evidence? We challenge you to turn homework tasks into treasure! Why or why not? Even high achievers often appear to be just going through the motions. Ben Botwinski is a graduate student at Michigan State University.

In a literacy unit on communication, one goal is to develop students’ awareness of how online media influence thinking and behavior. For example, in a science unit about the chemical composition of polymers, students could interview people about their recycling practices.

homework done right janet alleman

Become more aware of the written and unwritten rules and laws that are part of their environment.