Type III presents at birth or in early infancy with multiple fractures—often prenatal—and progressive bony deformities. Type II osteogenesis imperfecta presents at birth or even in utero with multiple fractures and bony deformities, resulting in death in infancy and, therefore, not likely to be seen in a child 4 years of age. The nurse is observing several healthcare workers providing care. Which action by the nurse should receive priority? Viruses might be among various agents performing to initiate carcinogenesis and have already been linked to several different types of cancer. Which of the following statements, if made by the mother, would require a need for further instruction?

The client should be told to avoid:. A client recently started on hemodialysis wants to know how the dialysis will take the place of his kidneys. The client is admitted to the unit. The nurse is assigned to care for the client with a Steinmen pin. The nurse should administer the medication:. Which treatment should the nurse anticipate for the fractured foot? There is no need to take thyroid medication because the fetus’s thyroid produces a thyroid-stimulating hormone.

The client with suspected meningitis is admitted to the unit.

HESI Case Studies: N311: Neuro

Cataracts result in opacity of the crystalline lens. The rationale for administering leucovorin calcium to a client receiving Trimetrexate is to:. Which of the following instructions should be included in the teaching for the client with rheumatoid arthritis? A newly admitted client has sickle cell crisis.


The physician has prescribed Nexium esomeprazole for a client with erosive gastritis. The physician suspects vitamin B12 deficiency anemia.

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The most appropriate initial action would be to:.

Practice for the NCLEX-RN: Practice Exam 3 and Rationales

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The nurse is monitoring the progress of a client in labor. Which cranial nevres are tested when the RN is ealuating the extra ocular movments? During the amswers, the client tells the nurse, “I’m feeing really hot.

hesi case study cervical cancer answers

Which roommate would be most suitable for the 6-year-old male with a fractured femur in Russell’s traction? The RN tests cranial nerve XI by asking the client to shrug her shoulders. The physician has ordered an injection of RhoGam for a client with blood type A negative.


hesi case study cervical cancer answers

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The nurse is caring for a client with ascites. View All Subscription Options. Which of the following foods, if selected by the mother, would indicate her understanding of the dietary instructions? The client has an order for a trough to be drawn on the client receiving Vancomycin. The nurse decides to apply an external fetal monitor. For customers cerical obstructive vs.

The physician has ordered a histoplasmosis test for the elderly client. The home health nurse is visiting a client with autoimmune thrombocytopenic purpura ATP. The nurse is caring for the client with a 5-year-old diagnosis of plumbism. The client with confusion says to the nurse, “I haven’t had anything to eat all day long.

A newborn with narcotic abstinence syndrome is admitted to the nursery.