Evaluate effectiveness, accessibility, and quality of personal and population-based health services. The assurance function is the service end of public health. Additional information can be found at the Public Health Functions Projects website, www. Perspectives on School Nursing Healthcare Reform: Will state and local health departments take this opportunity to develop plans that integrate preparedness with the day-to-day infrastructure needs in public health, including the need for public health nursing?

The first lines of detection of a biological agent released into the population reside with a physician or nurse who diagnoses an individual with signs and symptoms of the biological agent. Pregnant women are less likely to quit smoking than previously. Events that change the foundation of a society, however, are not common. September 11, known as “”, brought to most Americans an understanding of what it is like to feel the threat of terrorism. This means that physicians and nurses must be trained to recognize these presenting signs and symptoms.

Public health nurses must fine tune their skills in risk communication. The author cited a critical need to enhance the public health and medical care system in order to prepare for mass causalities or exposure to toxic agents.

hesi case study bioterrorism

Risks and Challenges to Public Health Given the heightened focus within the government and public on bioterrorism, public health faces risks in several key areas. The authors recommended that in order to prepare for the potential of bioterrorism, it is important that a knowledge base of these agents and others in terms of their use as a weapon, and also clinical skills in the detection, diagnosis, management, and prevention of the effects of a biological attack be developed.

Planning for a casee event from studh local perspective. A review of the literature provides background material on the extent to which public health has evolved in planning for a bioterrorism event.

hesi case study bioterrorism

Ultimately, the best response to bioterrorism is interdisciplinary in nature and carried out in a partnership with the communities at risk. Letter to the Editor Thank you for giving us the opportunity to respond to the letter to the editor written by Lisa Palucci. Public health nursing biotereorism the skills and competencies to meet these challenges, but our practice must evolve in order to do so. Policy development is the decision-making process used by public health.


The response biogerrorism the events of September 11,has been felt at the individual, family, organization, and system level. By utilizing data from community and statewide assessments, decisions can be made about the best approaches to reducing risks and threats to health.

Assessment, the epidemiological part of public health, includes the collection, analysis, and interpretation of data about health status and threats to health. Gallo and Campbell also reported on the public health approach to bioterrorism. The competencies most critical in responding to the aftermath of September 11 include analytic, communication, policy development, cultural competence, research, leadership, and management skills.

Public Health Nursing Practice: Aftermath of September 11, 2001

Additional information can be found at the Public Health Functions Projects website, www. September 11, known as “”, brought to most Americans an understanding of what it is like to feel the threat of terrorism.

Local health districts and the public health workforce: The first responders to the events of September 11, along with firefighters and police, were health care providers. Health care access has declined since and the rates of drug-related deaths and drug abuse related-emergency room visits have increased.

Sept September 11 Public Health Nursing. They may be involved in mobilizing nurses to perform this function or they may be involved in securing prophylaxis from a pharmaceutical stockpile. On September 11,our lives and the social order of America changed and have changed continuously for almost a year now.


The public health system has been profoundly affected along with public health nursing. Local churches may participate in health fairs, promoting physical activity and healthy nutrition. Department of Health and Human Services. Public health infrastructure including information systems, organizational structures, and public health workforce have been challenged by the threat of bioterrorism. Public health nurses, as members of the public health workforce, have had to face serious challenges in their response to threats of bioterrorism.

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The public health system also includes organizations that participate in the core functions but may not have direct responsibility for delivering public health services. No doubt research on the actual impact of bioterrorism, such as that experienced from the anthrax attack in October on psychological response will soon be reported in the literature.

hesi case study bioterrorism

Individuals and families have responded to this new threat of terrorism in America with a variety of coping mechanisms. This step is a part of the assurance function of bioterroirsm health and is aligned with the implementation function in the nursing process.

Public Health Nursing Practice: Aftermath of September 11,

Reducing the spread of anthrax would require eliminating the source of the bacillus itself, such as the spores on letters sent through the mail, since anthrax has very little risk of stucy from person to person. Communicating with the public should be an ongoing process throughout a high risk and threatening situation such as an anthrax attack.

Department of Health and Human Services, reports on a number of objectives for which the data show a decline in health status rather than improvement.