Manage Your Business Listing. I have sent multiple responses by email. They assured me they had the information on all the key points except one they might not be able to provide. Links do not work and it’s the antiquated version of Word and Excel As a first time entrepreneur I cannot describe how upsetting it has been to deal with this company. The rest of the report is all nationwide statistics with info on services that I do not do. We properly completed the research and delivered on all data points promised at the point of purchase- we provided an overview of his industry, provided the appropriate financials, competitive landscape information, outlined the three competitors he selected and outlined his specific target segments.

A wast of money. Which was not noted in my original invoice. Do you really think I would be gullible again to provide that information to them again? Importing data from excel or photos and text from word is simple. I understand they do not refund subscriptions, but how could I cancel a subscription I was not aware of being enrolled in and did not show in my invoice in February when I purchased?

They guaranteed the report be completed in a certain time frame. Create charts and graphs to demonstrate your financial data. As a 20 year old company with a strong and proud history of helping thousands of entrepreneurs and executives become more successful, we are always willing to share and give client references to clients and prospective clients alike.

Proper market reserch takes more than a few hours. Over the next several days they added little blurbs of market data into the standard report, the main problem is templste market data they provided was completely inaccurate. This also includes financial needs, break even points and marketing strategies that will be used to grow your business.

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During the course of our engagement, the client a did not attend multiple, scheduled project calls almost always with no prior notice as to non-attendance to review work-in-progress and b on multiple occasions agreements were made, as is standard in projects of this type, to provide feedback to draft deliverables and then that client feedback was not provided.


We also sent a welcome kit for the membership service on March 8th to confirm her enrollment into the program, which was confirmed as successfully delivered by the USPS. When signing up for the Insider Circle service, there is no indication that the subscription includes an automatic monthly reoccurring charge.

The Business Planmaker Professional Deluxe 9 provides an easy to follow business plan template that covers all 10 required sections. When considering complaint information, please take into account the company’s size and volume of transactions, and understand that the nature of complaints and a firm’s responses to them are often more important than the number of complaints.

growthinks ultimate business plan template reviews

Here is a copy of the invoice sent back in November that stipulates the recurring charges. If purchasing this product ensure that the subscription does not kick in unless llan have ticked this option.

Please print and keep a copy of this email as an invoice for your records. I e-mailed the company on several occasions trying to explain the issues I had with the report.

If your company cannot provide a ultlmate to this problem, my next step will be contacting my attorney.

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A growtninks plan should be the core of your business. Growthink is a reputable business planning and market research firm that has been in business since I then hired Growthink to conduct and provide a market study including certain key points. The client is also now requesting information that is not included in the point market research and claims that the research is from Google.


We utilize the most authoritative market research databases and have provided all revirws the relevant market research for his business. Unfortunately, this is an ongoing attempt by Ms. There is nothing “incredibly difficult” about the cancellation process; it is very simply- call or email to cancel, neither of which this client did.

I have had several businesses in the past. We have contacted Mr. Skip to main content. Please find attached a copy of these refund transactions as proof. If you have any questions, please feel free to call me or email me.

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Like others have stated, the materials are very basic. Tara, tried to explain to me that in their system I “clicked” on it, but I restated to her that this service was not even noted on my original invoice as she tried to show me in an invoice sent by her on Oct 24, Do you know why this complaint was closed? After I provided a thorough description of my business, location, target customers, top three competitors, and a description of the industry the company sent me the report. However, I could not believe that they started taking money from my credit card the month following my purchase.

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I was not buying it for retail. Some of the prices are also wrong thats how I know they googled it becasue the website is not very specific. All in all it was a total gorwthinks.

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