Roku satsu kanme kara, tsumaranakatta narimasu. Watashi no apaato de Sapporo Terebi to wo miemashita. Sore wa hen “hen” would be impolite here fushigi da to omotta kedo , tabemono ga oishikatta desu kara no de watashi ga ureshikatta desu. I am honored to be with you today at your commencement from the International University of Japan. Here in Langrich, we are not only teacher and student but the partners to study together.

Watashi no namae wa Condraz23 desu soshite jyuu roku sai desu. This site uses cookies. Sukoshi kawatta koto wo shitakatta desu kara Ryukyu shyoto made ryokou shimashita. Wow, thanks for the quick reply. Spelling isn’t too important for a speech, so long as he’s got the pronounciation correct.

September 6, in Uncategorized Tags: Graduation Speeches You are here: Ryuukyuu shotou ni wa tsuite nagaratakusan noujou ya ojiisan to obaasan ga takusan mieta kedonanari amari omoshiroi shiete iru koto wa arimasen deshita. Thank you for this great honor. Otoko ga ookikute nagai hige ga motta shoshite onna no kao de “tattoo” ga atta.

graduation speech nihongo

Otoko ga ookikute nagai hige ga mo tta chimashita. But don’t stop listening to the voice of our heart. Because learning a new language is like becoming a newer me.


Today I have been entrusted with the enormous task of representing the GSIR class of and extending a vote of thanks to everyone that has contributed towards this moment as well as deliver the valediction.

It was also a good training for speaking English. Standing at this podium, I wonder how I felt 46 years ago at my commencement. But this is the most important thing to achieve our goals. It’s wonderfully sunny today and it is very rare in a snowy region in winter!

Graduation Speech

Language forces us to perceive the world as man presents it to us. After I arrived at the Ryukyu Islands, I was able to see many farms and old people but there were no grraduation things that I could do. With this realizations, I believe that someday Speeh could also be a Nihongo no Sensei and a successful person.

I could exchange a lot of opinions about the difference between our cultures, religion, or societies. Ichi nen kan me Nihon ni sunde karawatashi no yoku nihongo ga taihen ii naratta hanaseru you ni natta to omoimasu.

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Thulani Dlomo, Ambassador of South Africa. Anyway it is really sad for me to leave here. During my stay, I made my English skill better than before. My homstay family were Ainus.


Roku satsu kanme kara, tsumaranakatta narimasu. After eating, the person who gave me food prayed to the epeech everyday. Those people gave me traditional Ainu food. Sukoshi kawatta koto wo shitakatta desu kara Ryukyu shyoto made ryokou shimashita. Anything else is secondary. Also, the Ryukyu dialect was not the same as the Japanese I learned at school so I wanted to go to a very lively place.

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Sono hitotachi ga Ainu no dentouteki tabemono wo kudasaimashita. Langrich gave me a good opportunity to learn with foreign people who have different kinds of background. Tabete nagara karatabemono wo moratta hito ga mainichi kami ni inottemashita.

graduation speech nihongo

Compared to the Ryukyu Islands, Sapporo is very large and it is a place with many people, isn’t it? Plus, I’ve got until Wednesday to prepare.

I ate Hokkaido’s famous miso ramen too. My Short Japanese Speech?