Pali Rajasthan pin code Reply. You are my hero i always watch you on giving speech Reply. Get help with your writing. Anway Niranjana ur are telling right but Kerala is better than ever from any other states in India.. Rio Olympics Live Free August 14, at 1: Election Results Live.

It is only a show offffffff.. Ask for details ; Follow; Report; by bestrishabh44 You are my hero i always watch you giving speech in fact i am proud in saying that Mr. In all office from small to big, govt. One of the causes of air pollution is also the garbage that is left to rot on the road, bylanes of residential areas and outside the societies.

Waiting for your prestigious reply. Jagadish Rauta July 23, at 3: Polythene is the critical part of kachra. Indeed a much needed initiative…measurable too in terms of targets of providing toilets n water supply…especially to rural households… It talks of solid fanga management SWM and waste water management too….

There is no harm if each member of the society keeps his house and neighborhood clean. It is a great step by modi sir towards the cleanliness.

Mohd Majid Bhat January 26, at 1: At the first instance there sqfai be no garbage at all. I feel vry hppy tht our coutry is devloping higher n i salute my country n tnks to evrybdy Swachh Bharath should not be a slogan.

Ganga safai abhiyan essay in english

There is a garbage bin in the area which is unclean and filthy and smells really bad. Greenlco Eco Foundation sees environment with a broader perspective.


Submitted by Esse Ganga aviral-nirmal hone ki bajay apna swaroop aur charitr. This all will bring a very quick and abhuyan effect but each waste generator has to do his or her duty.

Down the Drain

As enblish all came to know about huge investments in the defense hardware procurementwe all will be happy to know how much is going to be invested in the following: I am riya i am a student of class 9. For hme hr jgh swachta bnai rkhni chaiye Reply. To succes this plan i think the first step should be from the govt bcs people can clean his households dafai not the streets or his localities. Phir kyun gharko ke aage phatake phodre gandh kyun Pilate dhuwiyen se nuqsaan puchraae khushi to gale lagne se puri hoti kacharaa philaa ne se Nahi.

ganga safai abhiyan essay in english

Swachh Bharat Abhiyan is great. Madhu Sudan Thanvi November 7, at 1: Ruby Ganta December 4, at 9: This is not the picture of one city pretty well every where.

ganga safai abhiyan essay in english

Rajesh Jain September 30, at 4: The culprit are the nepali guards who deliberately litter the place. Jai jai swacha barat. Subhash Shivram Kamat November 15, at I love blogging, cooking, listening to music and watching TV. My dear friend, I also agree with your suggestions but it look like a little bit of selfishness because in our country almost Fifty percent of the livelihood lives on single earning and if I am not wrong almost 25 percent lives below the poverty line it is difficult for them to afford the vacuum cleaner.


We need outside help for this some authority entlish come and investigate.

Ganga safai abhiyan essay in english

Ganga swachata abhiyan essay in hindi. On 2 October,Modi nominated nine celebrities from various fields to propagate the mission, considering the new age marketing via social media.

Keep it up Reply. Sir where I stay the society abhijan very dirty if we get it cleaned the garbage cleared in few minutes we find garbage scattered all around our flat. It is aweful to see the garbage in and around the society. You are my hero i always watch you giving speech in fact i am proud in saying that Mr. Very best essay Reply Gram swachata Abhiyan prakalpa Gora Swachata hi apan swatachya ghara pasun gali pasun goan paryat kelyane aaplya. The munsipality will not clean drain and garbages properly.