Email Address never made public. In , my team of volunteers surveyed every school and health center in the Gambia with a computer. Despite the basic lifestyle, Gambia turned out to host a rich culture. Also include your special interests and abilities, career paths, and life goals, etc. To write a good statement, you will first need to think about your accomplishments and past experiences. Consider the following questions:

As I enter my senior year, I think more and more that my true calling could be to be a journalist. Many young people seem to have no idea how to apply for a job. I am in the process of applying for a Fulbright, and the rules are that the personal statement has to be one page single spaced, Times New Roman 12 pt. My virtues were held as western virtues — while my flaws were considered emblematic of the problems in the developed world. You are your best advocate. Really lovely essay, thanks for posting it.

Tips for Writing a Fulbright Personal Statement | Fulbright Academy

Skip to content I found this recently and shared with a Ugandan friend who is applying for fellowships. I frequently read lines like: Talking over your experiences and reviewing your initial thoughts with someone else can help you narrow your focus and determine what you really want to discuss in your personal statement. What have I done or what do I know that makes me uniquely qualified?

You are commenting using your WordPress. The Fulbright personal statement is an opportunity for you to share with the committee information about yourself that is not available in other parts of the application. The most important one is this: While under the microscope, I learned to conduct myself as the role model I wish more political exsmple strived to be here and abroad.


fulbright personal statement example eta

Notify me of new posts via email. Your personal statement should not be a narrative version of your resume, listing events, activities, and accomplishments one after the other.

fulbright personal statement example eta

In it you can provide the committee with a sense of your personality and your interests. This is my first test in how good you are fylbright taking direction.

Have the rules changed since ? Some applicants choose to write an intellectual autobiography highlighting the key moments in their academic development.

These tips are from a Slate editor:. This is a very inspiring way of making application for scholarships and other funding opportunities available. You are commenting using your Twitter account. Explain to me how choosing you will solve my problem. Instead, you should discuss more generally how your proposed Fulbright year relates to your future goals and aspirations.

Writing a senior thesis has nothing to do with journalism. My story begins in Peace Corps. He tends to give a matter-of-fact summary of his skills and accolades. To write a good statement, you will first need to think about your accomplishments and past experiences. How did you become What sorts of things have you done outside of the classroom?

Sample personal essay that won me the Fulbright in 2003

My interest in international development began when I joined the Peace Corps. Others discuss their passion for travel, the topic of their proposal, or the host country, detailing the origins of their interest and how it evolved. Ideally, your personal statement will complement your written proposal in some way. Despite the ups and downs of daily life, people were pretty content.


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Knowledge of science is not an end but rather a means: In doing science, one develops the critical thinking, problem solving, and group planning skills that all students need to be leaders, regardless of the careers they choose. Keep in mind that ets with the community in the host county is an important criterion in fulbriht as the primary purpose of the Fulbright Program is to encourage mutual understanding between people from the U.

You are encouraged to work with a writing proctor even at this early stage. Leave anecdotes like this out: In Gambia people smuggle sugar, a basic nutrient, into senegal because the Senegalese tax sugar as a exampke I urge him and everyone to take a narrative or conversational approach to writing your personal statements, like my example below.