A letter of recommendation from your mentor is also required. Ancient philosophy Medieval philosophy Modern philosophy Contemporary philosophy analytic, continental, American, contemporary Thomism, feminist, environmental, etc. Its aim is not only to facilitate progress through the academic programs leading to the conferment of M. Submit your dissertation with the proper format. Extensions beyond the time limit will not be granted to students who have not secured approval of a dissertation topic prior to the expiration of the time limit or who have otherwise not made substantial academic progress toward completion of the degree, except with the permission of the dean. Time limit requirements apply to both full and part time students. Certain special conditions apply to these applicants:

Typically the mentor and readers will question the student for thirty minutes each, and the examiners will question the student for fifteen minutes each. The syntax and semantics of propositional logic The syntax and semantics of polyadic predicate logic with identity including the representation of numerals and the elimination of definite descriptions They should also be able to use natural deduction, truth tables, and truth trees in analyzing and evaluating natural language arguments. Courses on the graduate level begin before completing the B. After the oral exam, each member of the committee will write a report detailing the reasons for the grade he or she assigns. GSAS currently offers the following fellowships, usually applied for in the following order:.

What Students Can Expect Shortly after completing the dissertation area reading list oral examination, students need to select both gsae topic and a mentor director for their dissertation.

fordham gsas dissertation

Students should note that the presentation of the thesis to the Graduate School of Arts and Sciences is the last requirement that is necessary for the degree.

Oral exam dates for the dissertayion must be set by October 15th and for the spring by March 15th. Students admitted to the early admission program must take the GRE if and when they apply for the doctoral program.


Logic Requirement All Ph. Full-Time Status To be considered full-time, students must be registered for 9 credits three philosophy department courses.

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While the final thesis paperwork should still be submitted to GSAS, a physical copy of the thesis is no longer needed. Committee members are specified, along with the thesis topic, on the Thesis Title Approval form, which is submitted to us by the department chairperson or program director.

As such, they have responsibility for their own courses. Each year the DGS will inform students of the deadlines and procedures for applying for these grants.

Dissertation Title Approval

In this way, the area reading list is distinct from a dissertation bibliography. There is no penalty for failing, and students may take the exam as often as necessary. No appointment is necessary. Each year, the Frodham will inform students of the deadline and procedures for applying for the distinguished fellowships.

fordham gsas dissertation

Thesis and Dissertation Guidelines. Such a work would not be included in the area bibliography. Students who successfully complete this requirement qualify for Ph.

All students who wish to teach in the department must also take the Seminar in Philosophical Education “Teaching Seminar”. As they seek to sharpen the topic to gsaw place where it can become a written proposal, students should discuss their ideas with a variety of faculty members by no means to the exclusion of fellow students.

If the resubmitted paper does not receive a High Passbut both papers have received a grade of at least Passthe student will be granted a terminal MA degree. Please contact adgsas fordham. Please follow the deadlines posted in the Academic Calendar. This meeting is not open to the public. All other requirements for the normal M. Dissertation What Students Can Expect Shortly after completing the dissertation area reading list oral examination, students need to select both a topic and a mentor director for their dissertation.


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Registration Students register for PHIL Proposal Development one credit each semester during the process of preparing their proposal. Download PDF of this page. After the defense and after all corrections are made, the dissertation must be submitted to the GSAS in electronic format; any student wishing a hard copy stored in the departmental library must arrange for the submission of an appropriately bound and formatted hard copy.

Once the reading list is approved, the student is responsible for having a Reading List Approval Form signed, by all the members of the committee and by the chair or, if designated, the Director of Graduate Studies.

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Their applications will be evaluated with all the other applications received for the Ph. Students may retake this examination no more than once, and a retake must be completed in the semester following the original examination.

The mentor and readers, if appropriate and the student should discuss the schedule for returning work during the summer months. Defense of the Dissertation When a student and her or his mentor and readers believe that the dissertation is ready to defend, the student should set a date for gsass defense and notify the DGS and departmental secretary.

The grant is awarded on a competitive basis and will reward students who have dissertatino papers at conferences, published articles or book reviews, and submitted proposals for external fellowships. Proposals should be presented during the fall and spring terms and not requested during vacation periods.