Quail eggs — I may consider quail eggs apart from chicken eggs. Now I am going to explain what type of eggs I can use in my practical exam. Besides all these, I have learnt new knowledge through the process and benefited greatly from this. I will also look into how these dishes can be of value to different groups of people. At their crucial age, they should consume lesser cholesterol value food as high cholesterol may result in heart diseases like high blood cholesterol and hypertension. The different ways of preparing or cooking eggs will give different sensory outcomes.

How do my dishes look? The egg yolk also contains vitamin D. Luckily, I was very lucky and the caramel poured on top of the custard turn out proportionally nice. Eric from Graduateway Hi there, would you like to get an essay? You may need to add more milk or powdered sugar to reach the desired consistency:

f&n coursework evaluation

What is the comment my friends made about my dish? It also have made me managed my time well. Mix well with a evaluahion whisk or eggbeater. Cool for 5 to 10 minutes; gently and carefully loosen sides of custard with a narrow spatula then invert on serving plate. Choose one task to do. I courwework also stir chopped hard-boiled eggs into a white sauce a milk sauce thickened with flour to make Creamed Eggs. Scotch Eggs are hard-boiled eggs coated with minced meat and breadcrumbs and then baked or fried.

Approaching Food & Nutrition Coursework

Lastly, I will conclude on how I achieve the task question by showing evidence of using different ways to include eggs in different dishes and explaining how these egg dishes are important for different people. Try out all the dishes.


Another reason that I should consider when choosing these dishes is my budget — Some of my peers are cooking the same dish as me like one of my friend who is cooking the custard. I cougsework also remember to justify its value and its importance for the different people.

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The vitamins like calcium and folic acid can assist in the manufacturing red blood cells. These minerals and vitamins aids in the elimination of toxic and waste in their bodies. In between the time given, I also managed to wash the dishes. Other nutrients of value are iron and vitamins A and D. I will ensure that I elaborate on my key factors and show an understanding in the task requirements, not forgetting to look into different resources to find different recipes of dishes made with eggs.

f&n coursework evaluation

Relating to my coursework, I had coursewprk mind the group of teenagers and some adults for the target group. Remove from heat; immediately pour about 1 tablespoon into each of 6 6-ounce size custard cups.

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I managed to flip the smoked salmon nicely and it turned quite brown and nice. About project SlidePlayer Terms of Service. I have decided to question myself on how I have done for my practical exam. Receive N level task question. In the section research and development, it was very difficult finding the relevant information and it got quite frustrating at certain times but I took on my own initiative to check up on more websites as well as making a trip down to the library just to search for the information.


I have also given some related information for these key factors. This should also be helpful for pregnant women. Name of taster no. Maillard browning is evaluatipn complex chemical reaction that occurs when food containing sugars and proteins are heated. Eggs contain vitamin B6 pyridoxine. Drain on kitchen paper and cut lengthwise.

F&n coursework evaluation

I will write an evaluation on my strengths and weaknesses. Other reactions of carbohydrates like gelatinization, dextrinisation and caramelisation will perhaps occur when the mineral evalyation present. Add corn flour and egg to bind the mixture. I have sprinkled pepper as a garnish and the lettuce were freshly crispy.

Besides all these, I have learnt new knowledge through the process and benefited greatly from this. From the information above, I now know the different amount of coursrwork present in an egg. Eggs can be added to sauces, milk puddings and soups as a way of including extra protein.

f&n coursework evaluation

While I was frying the smoked salmon, I was calm and focused.