This vitamin helps to fight infection and maintains a healthy nervous system. For example if I were to prepare a salad dish, including quail eggs, how will this dish provide the essential the important nutrients and to which group of people will it be served for. There is calcium in an egg which works with other nutrients like vitamin D and Phosphorus for the formation of strong bones and teeth. I want to stick to my budget and keep a minimal amount to spend on my other dishes ingredients. You are commenting using your Twitter account. Registration Forgot your password? Other nutrients of value are iron and vitamins A and D.

Eggs are an important food for different people. Cool for 5 to 10 minutes away from draughts before chilling. There are many ways to prepare an egg dish. Notify me of new comments via email. Decorate with cut strawberry. I am sure vegetarians will appreciate the different sensory appeal of eggs instead of relying totally on plant sources. Effect of heat on cereals Gelatinisation, effect of moist heat on starch e.

It also has help as a raising agent. Mzking took into consideration that I will only be given 2 hours to complete my dishes. In the section research and development, it was very difficult finding the relevant information and it got quite frustrating at certain times but I took on my own initiative to check up on more websites as well as making a trip down to the library just to search for the information.

I have also decorated my dishes with strawberries custard and chocolate cake to make my dish more appealing to the different group of people. There is calcium in an egg which works with other nutrients like vitamin D and Phosphorus for the formation of strong bones and teeth.


Try out all the dishes. Boiling, steaming, poaching Cooking with Hot Fat e.

f&n coursework decision making

At a young age, diseases and virus attack them easily. I took out the cake and left it to cool coursedork for five minutes.

f&n coursework decision making

In the egg salad, I had in mind the group of teenagers to consume the egg salad. What I have faced during the completion of my whole coursework. Deciskon oil in a deep frying pan. By doing an Overall Plan will ensure that I refer back to dates on when I need to complete each section of the coursework. Mix minced meat with chopped onions. It has broadened my mindset that besides frying and scrambling an egg, eggs can also be prepared by other methods.

Eggs give different sensory appeal especially flavor and texture fn plant food sources.

You are commenting using your Twitter account. Learning Point In this part of my coursework, I have learned much useful information on eggs.

Approaching Food & Nutrition Coursework

References My references came from different sources as following: Five quail eggs are equal to one chicken egg. The chocolate cake needed half an hour for it to fully bake and rise into a beautiful bake.

Auth with social network: I have specifically chosen quail eggs so as to not make the salad look much disorganized. At their crucial age, they should consume lesser cholesterol value food as high cholesterol may result in heart diseases like high blood cholesterol and hypertension.


The tables below are rated as how my friends have ranked me. Decide in what order you need to do those things. So I assume that this dish on the whole should be served to pregnant women because they are pregnant and also supporting another life inside them.

The problems that occurred were straight away solved. What is your topic? Then, I started cutting the tomatoes into fine thin pieces. I will explain on my strengths and weaknesses, for example my good points and my errors that may occur during the practical exam because these will coursewoek how the dishes will turn out.

Approaching Food & Nutrition Coursework

The ovalbulmin present will stretch especially in the making of cake. Mix well with an electric beater.

For example, when my custard curdled, I was able to hide the tiny holes with caramel and decorating it with strawberries. Perishable items such as onion and garlic can be brought from home so I can save cost. The protein present in an egg can have different reactions according to the different preparation methods for example denaturation, coagulation, Mallard browning and even foaming.