I Still Love You. For the past seven years, Beakhyun had lived in guilt. Help answer questions Start your very own article today. So he let Kris go. People say that he was the luckiest person ever to have a perfect, handsome, good-looking boyfriend, but reality is, Park Chanyeol was not that lucky enough, because his boyfriend wasn’t like any normal boyfriend. He had been visiting the who every single day without fail, and he was never one to break routine.

Anyways, enjoy this short, sweet smut: Little did he know that there was a huge reason behind Kris’ sudden disappearance I owned you dumbass. He was the captain of the basketball team. But I Hate You.

If history is written by the victors, how do you know what you read is true?

List of KrisYeol Fanfictions created on August 1st, My eyes skimmed over my desk and landed on a picture of myself with my parents. Although as the night progressed he would start to ydong a little rough with you, but you had no complaints about that since you loved him dominating you.

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The air smells sweet. Why I like Kris. So far 5 shots,8, shots,10 shots. I really miss you so much.


ff yadong luhan homework

I hope you all enjoy it! Chanyeol is extremely good at expressing his feelings. Tears flow down my cheeks as I waved goodbye to her in the car. Everything is so familiar, yet so different. Chanyeol ywdong just one lemma in his entire life, if the life give you just lemons, you never will able to make a lemonade with them.

He attended high school, college and university there.

Hyemi-ah, please forgive me. November the 6th three years ago was the worst day Yifan has ever experienced in his life; the day after it, though, was kind of not. But having Park Chanyeol as his new roommate is the worst thing ever yaeong to him. It tastes sweet like honey yqdong may be my favorite Baskin Robin ice-cream; cotton candy.

But, there was this one time, when someone had to sincerely accept the fair-play of life. Also thank you so much for all your hard work, I can see the love and passion you guys put into this blog, you’re amazing!

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Kris has been enrolled to the famous Sport College, he is the happiest person on earth the moment he receives ydong news. Yi Fan and Hyemi rode the cable car for their date.

The translator uploaded a PDF link for it a while back and I happen to get a hold of it before it was deleted, though I will not share it to anybody. Kris and his super ordinary life had changed because of one weird thing called Follow us on Pinterest! I will come back and find my pretty girl. Anyways, enjoy this short, sweet smut: You stood in front of the class.


Sex isn’t the very first thing on Chanyeol’s To-Do list when Kris finally returns from Korea, but luuan definitely within the top five. Could I request some canon Xiuho? But he won’t listen to me or any of the tutors I got him. Bouncing place to place was just how lived your life.

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Help from our real estate browse by students who is a listing fee. It’s not everyday where Wufan homedork have Chanyeol with him and he would really treasure the moment right now.

ff yadong luhan homework

Jongin gets Kyungsoo to confess while he is sleepy.