Abstract Facial hyperpigmentation is the most cosmetically important complaint. In group-A, the patients were treated with external application of Arjunatwak Churna and Madhu for 21 days, while in group-B, patients received Panchanimba Churna orally for 21 days in addition to Arjunatwak Churna for Lepa. Katsambas Journal of cosmetic dermatology The anatomical relationship between. A total of 30 patients were registered and divided in two groups, comprising 15 patients each in Group A and Group B.

Materials and Methods Source of data Patients, fulfilling the clinical criteria of Vyanga were randomly selected irrespective of their sex, religion, occupation, etc. The study was cleared by the Institutional Ethics Committee vide letter no.: The use of lasers for the treatment of pigmentary disorders is based on the theory of selective photothermolysis. Multiple substances are used in Chemical peeling for treating facial hyperpigmentation. Transient erythema Click here to view. There are new systemic agents that may be effective in treating facial hyperpigmentation.

A clinico-epidemiological study of cases. Amit G PandyaI. Ayurveda mentions a good number of medicines for skin care. National Center for Biotechnology InformationU.

facial melanosis thesis

Lactic acid chemical peels as a new therapeutic modality in melasma in comparison to Jessner’s solution chemical peels. Among many diseases concerned with cosmetic values, Vyanga is common disease known to us from thousands of years. Effect of therapy on chief complaint i. It is common in middle-aged women, and is related to endogenous hormones and exogenous fhesis such as use of cosmetics and perfumes, and exposure to sun radiation. There are theesis causes of facial melanosis like melasma, frictional melanosis, acanthosis nigricanis, lichen planus actinicus, and others.


Riehl’s melanosis 8drug-induced hyperpigmentation 6naevoid hyperpigmentation 1acanthosis nigricans 1 and Addison’s disease 1 were other hypermelanosis conditions.

On the basis of clinical features, it can be compared with facial melanosis, one of the hyper pigmented disorders. Br J Dermatol ; Drugs having KusthaghnaKandughnaRaktashodhakaTwak Prasadaka and Varnyakara properties are helpful in the management and can produce cutaneous depigmentation that remove the blackish discoloration of skin.

Author: Abd-Allah, Marwa Mohamed Mahmoud./ Title: Benign facial hyperpigmentation :

Melasma and its impact on health-related quality of life in Hispanic women. On 7 th day of observation, in seven patients the color of Mandalas became bluish black, in four patients the color became dark brown, in two patients it became light brown and two patients attained the normal skin color. Laser should be considered third-line treatments in severe refractory patients who have not respond to topical preparations or chemical peels In conclusion, melasma and PIH are the most common causes of facial hyperpigmentation which have major negative impacts on quality of life.

Clinico epidemiological study of pityriasis alba. Please review our privacy policy.

Management of Vyanga (facial melanosis) with Arjuna Twak Lepa and Panchanimba Churna

Shrama and Shoka will lead to Udana Vata vitiation. Pharmacology and Pharmaco Theuraputics; pp. Bilateral naevus of Ota with naevus of Ito Click here to view. Transient erythema Click here to view.


Gazelle Eye like Facial Melanosis (Clinico-Histopathological Study)

Table 2 Effect of therapy on chief complaint bluish-black discoloration of skin. NoaimiSameerah M.

Int J Dermatol ; Indian J Dermatol Venereol Leprol ; How to cite this article: Smooth and glowing complexion of the face increases the beauty of a person and also gives self-confidence. Vyanga is explained as a Kshudra Roga in Ayurveda. This resolved B after3 months of treatment with topical bleaching agents and weekly salicylic acid peels Nevus of Ota before a and after treatment b with QS Emlanosis Lactic acid as a new therapeutic peeling agent in melasma.

Acknowledgments The author would like to express sincere thanks to Prof. Text Book of Dermatology; p. It is one of the most common diseases as regards the face faciak concerned. Introduction Smooth and glowing complexion facual the face increases the beauty of a person and also gives self-confidence.

facial melanosis thesis