This will put a page number on all of your thesis pages. The process for final electronic thesis submission is below. Senior thesis and phd thesis at the mathematics departmentA graduate degree generally requires completing either a thesis or a dissertation, and there is a difference between thesis and dissertation. Helpful style manuals and writing guides are available in the bookstore, and professional journals are available in the periodicals section of the JFK Library. Headings Section headings must correspond to the table of contents; heading type or print and location on the page should be consistent and parallel throughout the thesis.

The thesis must be written in English. Page numbers must be specified for all the listings. If you have a signature line for all three committee members then all three committee members must sign. Again you will want to make sure that the “Different First Page” box is checked as you will NOT want the number to show up on the first page of the body of your thesis. Multiple citations, between parentheses, must be in either chronological or alphabetical order. Select Type of Search: Headings Section headings must correspond to the table of contents; heading type or print and location on the page should be consistent and parallel throughout the thesis.

ewu thesis guidelines

Under the “Section Breaks” heading select “Next Page” this will make the next guixelines of your document the beginning of a new section which means that you are able to begin numbering the next page at 1 in a different style.

The research thesis is intended to support students who plan to continue careers in academe either by completing further graduate studies or by obtaining a teaching position in a 2- or 4-year higher education institution. Other students in the same discipline should be able, when appropriate, to read it and cite it in their thesis projects.


You can expedite clearance by the graduate school by letting thePre-Submission. The thesis bond paper does not work in some printers. Therefore, in consultation with your guidelinrs committee chair, you need to select a style appropriate to your discipline as exemplified by thesia style manual or a published journal.

Thesis graduate thesis?

Sample Main Content Guiselines 8. Em dashes are typed as two hyphens with no spaces before or after, or use alternate character dash key. The RTC faculty is the “immediate audience” for your thesis: This is required of your department copy. Please remember that the purpose of this page is to recognize those who most contributed to the research and writing of the document. The signature page must be part of the thesis and should bear the signatures of all your committee members, however only the committee chair and second committee members are required.

This way the meaning is taken out of context and the reader can focus on sentence level errors. Regardless of style thrsis, direct quotes cited in the text must include page citations.

Tables should be uniformly titled and numbered at the top and figures are captioned at the bottom. Sample Table of Contents Page 6. Check every citation against the corresponding entry in the reference section. References cited in the text must appear in the references list including personal communications ; conversely, each entry in the reference list must be cited in the text. Graduate Studies will no longer require final hard copies for binding and paper copies will not be stored at the JFK Library.

If a blank page pops up before your thesis begins go to the top of the blank page and hit the delete key until the text from the next page comes onto the blank page.


Paragraph indentation should be consistent 0. Always check the conversion to make sure your formatting did not change.

Check the thesis to see that all the pages are included and numbered correctly. Sample Table of Contents Page.

EWU | Rhetoric and Technical Communication Thesis Guidelines

This will automatically delete the numbering from your first page. As such, the thesis will focus on conducting research that results in a publishable, scholarly article.

Format for Graduate Thesis Thesis Proposal. The use of different typefaces, such as bolding and italics, is strictly limited.

One method is to read the document from the last page to the first page. Go to the last page before the start of the body of your thesis, click at the end of the last bit of typing on the page before the body of your thesis begins. Rhetoric and Technical Communication Thesis Guidelines The swu thesis aims to apply concepts, principles, and theories that you learned in your courses to a research problem.

For example, some errors guidelijes in an acceptable English word, but not the correct one in the context of the subject matter, as in on-no, read-reed, site-cite, etc. How well does the thesis present the research problem? EWU expands opportunities for personal transformation through excellence in learning.

ewu thesis guidelines

It includes everything you need to know.